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detox from xanax and methadone asap how where?

shoul i do rapid detox then go to a 1 - 3 month facility for aftercare...

trying to find a place to detox immediately in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, anywhere really
please help me on what to do and where... my parents will help pay they'd rather pay more and me go to a good plae then pay less and go to a shithole.

rapid detox?
i dont know?

i am on 60 mg mdone, have tapered down from 110 for past 4 yrs
been on xanax past 3 months and its kiling me

need help my parents will pay, got to go immediately
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Hi & Welcome,

I would not recommend a rapid detox..it is too much of a health risk. Going cold turkey off of 60 mgs of Methadone is going to be rough. That amount should be tapered. Why don't you want to continue your taper?
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i have to ordered by court.
i got to detox now, i dont have a choice, need advice relative to that not the other there is no choice and i leave tomorrow unless i find a better place to go im goin where they send me
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I absolutely agree with IBKleen. Rapid detox is dangerous, a terrible shock to the system & (from all reports) unpleasant. I also agree that coming off 60 mgs. cold will be rough. I came off 28mgs after a 1.5 year taper down from 140 & that was bad enough. Will they let you go to an inpatient residential M'done detox? If so, here's a link (obviously, it's important that you go to one that also can wean you off the benzo) :


What are their terms? What are they willing to pay for & how long can you be there? (The longer the better!) As for aftercare, there are plenty of good facilities out there.
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I see that you're from Alabama. If they're willing to send you out of state & go private, here's where I went (It was a great place with really good people & they are affiliated with a 1 to 3 month rehab where they'll send you afterwards -- also in FLA) The one thing I'm not sure about are the benzos but you could ask them. :

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thank you so much
yes i want to find a place like you are talking i am scared but i got to go flipping tomorrow my parents would drive me to florida if i could get in tomorrow
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I too have heard many negative things about rapid detox however, I did meet someone who sent their daughter to the one in Michigan and she had nothing but great things to say about it. Her daughter went there after being on 110mg of methadone for 3 years. She said she felt weak afterwards but all in all, it went really well. They came from Canada to do it.
I've also heard really good things about the Novus detox mentioned above. I spoke with them when I was thinking of rehab. They were very honest and informative.
There's also a good one in Chicago. They are the only ones who said they'd switch me to a shorter acting opiate for two weeks before the rapid detox. (Which was comforting since methadone is SOO strong and long lasting) And their facility is actually in a hospital. Can't think of the name right now...

I have no experience with benzo's but I imagine that it will be more complicated detoxing off both.
I decided to stick with my taper... Down to 4mg and will jump ship this weekend!
Good luck :)
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thank you for your information

i am not perscribed xanax so it's hard to taper i just gotta find em illegally

but i am scared every place acts like oh ya we can handle  60 mgs methadone and 2 - 4 bars a day... 5 - 7 days... im like ur full of **** you lyin sob...

i gta find a legit place like yall have been givin me but im scared bc  i gta go tomorrow family took off to take me and i found out today i was lied to about it... its not actually a rapid detox, but it is a sort of rapid detox 15 meds of 5-  7 days.. my friend on 500 mgs methdone  a day throwing up ery day was released day 9
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Please, try not to be too scared. This is a really good place -- good staff -- low key -- good protocols & a small number of beds. Call them ASAP. See what they say. If you have any questions. I'm here.
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i have no experience  with the drug, but wanted to offer my support., her to help   …………..
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I was at this place for 11 days. You can stay longer if you like. I'd get on the phone. I think it'll make you feel better. Do you have any questions? The detox your friend went to sounds pretty fly-by-night from your description. Didn't they monitor him before release? Novus -- which is the link I gave you, will send you directly to aftercare for 1 to 3 months. They also do IV vitamin drips which help.
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Also, I did a lot of research before I chose this place (including the supposedly best rapid detox in the country who I discovered were releasing people with prescriptions for Suboxone, etc.) It was also ridiculously expensive & you had to find your own place to stay. I've also read that long-term neural healing from rapid detoxes is suspected to be more difficult as it is such an assault on the system. That said, coming off M'done in 11 days or two weeks will still be a challenge. It's no cakewalk, but I'm here to tell you it's was well worth it. You're young, intelligent -- an engineering student -- you've got a lot to live for. You CAN do this, my friend. I promise!
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