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I have been taking both hydrocodone and oxycodone for 6-9 months. As much as I could get. Now I have legal prescriptions for them for pain in my back. I want to get off, and detox myself. Can I do this with methadone. I have about 50 of them and find that taking 1 when I wake up keeps me good until night, then I take a half of one, and a 2 mg xanax. Can i continue this for a week, then cut it down to a half in am and half in pm, then quit completely and use Darvon if needed to detox from the methadone?
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You need to get with Dr and taper Xanax, you CANNOT quit Xanax CT. It can cause seizures. You are on a large dose and need a proper taper from Dr. if poss. Just FYI
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Dont use methadone or sub to detox off of these drugs unless u see no other route....aftercare included
u r stepping up from the lil dogs to the big dogs from oxy/hydro to meth/sub..much more powerful narcotics and u can wind up in deep doo doo
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Can u?  we r all different.  I could not.  If they were in my face..i was gonna take em...but u may be more disciplined than i.  the definition of addiction is loss of control over ur DOC...so tapering and controlling the very thing that controls u..is tough.

I am not sure of ur daily dose but CT is an option.  U can try ur plan and if u r abusing then flush em//it can be very empowering.  be safe with the xanax as xanax wd makes narc wd look like a picnic.  2 mgs is a large xanax dose btw...dont use anymore than u need..and flush them too when u r done if u can.

I am confused...at the end of ur post u mention methadone?  which narc is ur doc?  what is ur dose of methadone?  methaodne should be tapered due to wicked wds for some....hydro and oxy r not near as intense
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