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doing wierd things during sleep..?

Goodnight to everyone....i was going to stay on and talk to anyone who may be in need of a friend but find that most of you are doing ok and not in dire need of my splendid conversation..:) totally kidding....anyhow, my eyes are very heavy and i just layed down and found that it feels SOOO good so i am deciding to go and sleep...( i know you were ALL wondering..lol) My fiance told me that last night i randomly turned toward him in bed at 2 am, grabbed him by the collar and started shaking him back and forth......It took a minute or two of my blank stare at him as he yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" before i stopped.....i dont even remember doing it....??? I didn't take anything before bed and i didnt drink anything......anyone else had this experience?
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I was feeling the same way, only I am 3 hours earlier. LOL
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aww sweet dreams! im sooo sleepy its 5:15am here but i just cant get to sleep! iv had a bad week and its only tuesday! il sleep tommorow maybe :) anyway goodnight xoxox
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I had tons of issues with this.  Mainly when I was first on the drug, and the docs. started mixing all kinds of new ones.  Even off, when I first started to have those 15 min. fall asleep situations, I was apparently eating, conversating, and otherwise doing all sorts of things I had no idea about.  Thank God I didn't try to drive or anything!  I also had complete amnesia of all.  When I slept, I had violent dreams.  I normally like my weird dreams, but some of these were really disturbing.  I've always been a night owl, but I'm still not back to my regular sleep, even with the use of Ambien CR.  It isn't doin' a thing for me.  I took one three hours ago, and I gotta tell you I could perform brain surgery right now, and dance while doin' it.

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I have started talking in my sleep. I must not be in a very deep sleep because I can remember it and when I talk it wakes me up.

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