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i try and try to stop taking lorcet but always return. i'll put my mind and soul into detoxing and after two or three days when it's almost over i return to the drug. i hate this stuff and am scared of everything. why can't i do it?
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Apparently you arent putting the effort required into it yet. Heck - it isnt fun or enjoyable. Takes quite a bit to get done actually. So read through all of the information in the Health Pages. Plenty there that cover all avenues of opiates and discontinuing their use. And even more people here that will talk to you in real time and answer personal questions. Why wait until you are posting without a dime in your pocket or a friend left in the world?  Give us some more information if you feel comfortable doing so. May make a difference if you are a chronic pain patient. Put a plan in writing and stick to it. Makes it easier to follow and it makes it easier to accomplish. Stay in touch and keep posting here. You will learn a lot about the opiates and about the withdrawal process. Knowledge is power and you need to be powerful to get this done. Good luck to you also -- -- you are too young to let narcotics rule your life for much longer............
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I was the same way until I got onto Buprenorphine
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Be very careful attempting to address a narcotic problem with another narcotic. You are too young to even think about a maintenance program for life. Many try either methadone or suboxone only to find out that what they switched to is harder to withdraw from than their original DOC.......do a lot of homework before heading in that direction. Methadone was originally greeted with the same amount of hoopla that sub is getting now. There is a time and a place for many things. Meth, for example, is a very good choice for long term chronic pain. And it isnt a bad maintenance drug - but thats for a last resort and after you have tried many approaches yourself and failed in those attempts. Going on sub to escape a few lorcets is a disaster - - sub isnt even a very good choice for pain relief.........  Do plenty of homework and ask a lot of questions before you commit to anything in haste. You should be able to muster enough to put the lorcets down for good - - - and i do know where you are coming from.......post and ask - - - - learn as much as you possibly can about all of this and you will do just fine. And good luck in your efforts ----
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The longer you take them, the harder it is to get off them. Eagle is correct. Don't do trade-offs. I was approx. your age when I STARTED this and I haven't gotten away from them entirely...=/ I'm by no means any success story, but if I could help someone with MY mistakes and screw-ups, at least not all is lost.
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Well, subtract 60 years or so from my age   lol   sorry about that I'm not 108
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