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I hadn't taken darvocet for 2 weeks.  I realized I had two more prescriptions left and I fille them.  I had the intention of only taking them when I really needed, failed.  Today, I took the last two and now it's all gone.  Good!  I told my doctor I didn't want to take them anymore.  I feel like a loser.  I honestly want to do the right thing.  What keeps you motivated?
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First I would like to say congrats on telling your Dr. I had to do the same. kinda empowering isn't  it.. What keeps me motivated is how good I feel compared to where I was at while active.. my health has improved my family being happier is a great motivator.. waking up without a runny nose from dope sickness not counting pills.. able to have a thought and act on it.. communication. outdoors my dogs.. everything I hold dear motivates me.. Having my Freedom is a Big motivator.. my mind and body are Free as well as my emotions.. this is the greatest motivator.. wishing you well and I sure would like to see your list :) Be kind to yourself.. when the fog lifts. there is your life just waiting for you to get involved... take care lesa
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CONGRATS on telling your doctor "no more!"  Awesome job.  That will help you to stop the insanity! Right?  Staying motivated didn't come easy for me, but it has been WORTH it!  I wake up feeling better and better every day.  I am able to think and my moods are not all over the place like they used to be.  I don't have to worry if the doctor will fill my script for me or if I might overdose accidentally.  What a fabulous life I have!  I won't say there are not times that life truly "s u c k s" but I now have the tools I need to live a happy, healthy life.  You will need to find what motivates you - children, a job, your own health, etc. and concentrate on that and you'll make it!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  Keep believing in yourself and in the love of a God who watches over us and will help us!  Good luck!  Hugs, Janet
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