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Wife returning from 28 day residential. What should i expect?

After the initial sense of relief that my wife finally entered rehab it occurred to me that the hard part may just be beginning.  After two weeks and several family sessions both in person and through Zoom the transformation has been amazing (she is sober and enthusiastically embracing rehab) and somewhat concerning not just for me but our son.  We have been together 25 years.  The person we see after two weeks is a vastly different person.  Her transformation is almost cult like.  I am starting to feel anxiety about how we are going to restart our lives when she returns home.  Wondering if others have experience with what life is like post rehab?
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I do think you are smart to realize that it is sometimes hard returning home.  Hard on them.  Hard on you.  Because there are a lot of old patterns still there.  If one uses doc as a way to numb out and they don't have it? Then they have to DEAL with everything.  My biggest advice is to get therapy as a couple.  It can do wonders to help you through this.
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What was her drug of choice?  
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I'm not sure I have a great answer for you. I've done detox in-patient, but not a rehab program. What I know from doing AA and NA, is that it often becomes present all throughout people's lives. It can resemble a 'cult' sometimes. But that's actually part of why it can be so effective. Regardless, getting clean and a person motivated to preserve and sustain their sobriety will often also mean major changes throughout their life. That's a natural part of the process - things changing. But as time goes on, if you feel like there are specific things troubling you, please feel free to reach out here. Also, there are support groups for friends and family of people who struggle with addiction, and I highly recommend that for you.

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