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hydrocodone withdrawal

Can a recovering addict ever live a normal life and feel normal again without the cravings?
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THE anwser is yes and no....if you get into recovery care you can learn the tools and skills to minimize the cravings and as you gain clean time the craving will become less and less but it does take some work just sit and leave it alone and it will torment you...if you get into a program like N/A or see a substance abuse conslor you can greatly minimize the symptoms
for the addict we need to change the very way we think and reason to get past this thing and that includes a face down with the very demons that drive you to use in the first place
you need to get to the root of the problem the pills are just a symptom of something much bigger going on  on the bright side if your willing to treat it you can live a pritty normal life and life in recovery is a beautiful place .so good luck and God bless.....Gnarly  
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