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looking for energy!!

I am on day 11 of no suboxone. I feel fine besides having no energy. Does anyone know of a natural vitamin I can take to help with energy? Thanks!
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How is your exercise and diet. I've found that exercise, even a short walk, and eating clean will make our break your energy level. You are doing great, look how far you have come! Once you hare leveled out somewhat, you have to remember that you will have a new type of longer sustained energy not the super high and then super low energy that the substance gave you. Best of Luck, stick with it!
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Hi  I went threw this when I detoxed off methadone the ''energy crash'' is similar with sub  I did find something that helps  get up to walmart and pick up a can of whey protein powder  it is like 18 bucks for a 2 pound can  just one scoop to a glass of milk  the chocolate flavor is good drink 2 a day it has the raw protein for energy as well as a boat load of amino acids to heal your brain... the cause of this  I made a lot of progress once I started taking it   it is a cheep fix  but in the end time is what heals you   just know there is life after sub and in the end it will be so so worth it...............Gnarly
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I think that there may be things such as vitamins you could take but to be honest, you're going to just have to deal with and expect a while of not feeling great. I was on a small dose and only for a few months and it took me a month to get rid of the withdrawals it's just something you have to accept and go along with. I honestly doubt there are quick fixes. Sorry for giving bad news but you won't be in pain, just lack of energy and depression perhaps. You can do it - it won't last forever :-) I promise! X
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Hi and congratulations on 11 days! Thats really fantastic. Vitamin B-12 is great for boosting energy. A good B complex with Vitamin C will help replenish what you may have lost while using. It worked very well for me.
Moderate exercise is helpful too.
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I'm tapering down 4mg per day soon nothing I might suggest berrocca that's an energy supplement, thiamine,thats a brain supplement it may help when you say no energy how bad is it,cause in a couple of weeks I will be right where you are just keep up the good work :)
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Yes vitamin B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin) are very good for giving energy. X
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Hi Missy......its been a few days now how are you feeling???  progress is always slower then we would like it to be but with time you will recover .....please post to let us know how your doing.....
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