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when going from being a heroin addict to methadone maintinence, how do they know the right "dose" to put you on, to make sure you are not getting "high" but you are also noy getting"sick"?
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Well since you're not the first one, they have a good idea where to start you and get you up to the right dose.
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They generally start you off at 30mg and then adjust either up or down upon your input. Some serious users will do over 100mg of methadone a day - but the therapy standard starts at 30mg - that dose will moderate sickness even if it needs to be adjusted upward.
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Theagle is correct...

The maximum dose that they can start u at in IL is 30mgs...  They will keep incresing your dose depending on your history and metabolism until you no longer have wd's.

The great thing about methadone is it can be measured as low as 1mg so they can really tailor to your needs.  Just be patient, and get off that stuff as soon as you can.

I was a methadone patient for 5 years and unfortunatelly was going to a clinic that I thought was helping me.  They kept increasing my dose until at my highest I was taking 600mgs of methadone daily and was a walking zombie and suffering some sever side effects.  It was hell trying to decrease from that high of a dose down to 30mgs to make the switch to suboxone.

High doses of methadone long term have really screwed some people up.  Also as a new methadone patient be sure to pay special attention to your oral hygiene.  I would reccomed to start using products for dry mouth made by biotene as methadone causes nasty dry mouth at night.  Keep a big glass of ice water by your bed and keep your fluids up.  

That dry mouth at night killed my teeth and now Im facing almost $35,000 just to get all my teeth fixed.

If you start getting nasty side effects, that you just dont want to deal with, you can always switch to suboxone if you have the financial means...  

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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My husband is dopesick today.  This happened often when he was on oxy and morphine, when he overdid it. He has been on methadone for one month, and it has been going well until today.  He claims they gave him too much.  How can they do that?  Aren't they supposed to be helping him get off? Did he cheat?
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Hon this is an old thread.  I want your concern to be seen by the members here and not be missed.  Go up to the top of this page and click on the orange ask a question icon.  Cut and paste your post so you will start your own brand new thread that won't be missed.
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