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needing input on suboxone!!

I have been on 1.5mg sub for quite a while now.  Yesterday I was in bed till noon, very dull, uninspired to say the least so I took an extra 1mg.  I'm hoping I don't have to start my taper all over again!!  Also, I really can't seem to get past 1.5 and am wondering if I'm just prolonging everything.  Don't get me wrong I hear over and over how much this really is and that it's so much better to get down below.25 for a while first.  then I hear of people jumping from 16mg, 8mg, etc with not much of a problem?!!  I'd really love to hear from people who have gone off sub and what strength and what they recommend??  I'm prone to anxiety and depression anyway so feel every decrease so much that I'm just thinking why not get prepared for some hard w/d's  and do it??  I've been to the suboxone site but it seems everyone there is of the consensus to get below .016 for a while b/4 stopping (that would take me months :(  thank you so much to everyone on here for their honesty and all you do for so many of us!!!!
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It is always best to get as low as you can go, especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression. That is not to say that you won't feel the withdrawal. Of course you will so you need to make a decision what you want to do. Discuss it with your prescribing physician and see how they feel about your plans. We are here to support you whatever you choose.
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I am currently on my 13th day OFF of suboxones. Just started this jan 1 and i didn't do a very good taper to start. My thought would be that since you are on such a low dose then it's doable. It's still gonna suck but it won't nearly suck as much as coming off of 4mg or 8mg for sure. During my withdrawal i found out ALOT of info about subs i didn't previously know that pissed me off and made me want off even more. I was on them for 6 years! If you can, and u have some time GET OFF THEM! i wish i'd never switched from the hydros to subs as i thought i was doing the right thing! Nope!
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Thank you for such quick responses!!  IBKleen, my pain mgmt. doc said I could go off @ 4mg and if I had ANY pain, my pain was legit and I needed to stay on them??!  My reg dr. doesn't know anything about suboxone but said if I needed something to help relax during w/d to let him know... which I will.  Motye50 you're doing great!  I've been following your fight, just one question, what mg did you stop from (I apologize ahead of time if I've already asked you this.... my mind's not the same!!)  
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How long is "quite awhile" at 1.5 mg?  And how long TOTAL have you been on subs?

It's certainly a personal decision...and depending on your answer to the above....you may find reducing your dose lower is better.

As for ME and ME only...I'd jump off and get the healing going~
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I tapered for about 1 1/2 weeks from 8 to 6 to 4 blah, blah then a couple of days of slivers then the 1st hit! And as far as your pain management dr i honestly think if i wouldn't have done it this way, she was NEVER going to take me off. It was like every month there was a reason not to, not to mention, i wouldn't have listened! I would have overused them. I constantly ran short every month and bought other things to supplement i.e., subutex. Its going to suck, but you need to have someone around u to push when i didn't want my family to see some of the worst parts. Its 4:00 a.m. I'm up and going for day 14!
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I meant to say that i used this forum, during those times. My brain isn't quite there yet either :)
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Honestly I haven't kept track each day, that is written it down, but probably a year (a few days I'd try less 1mg, some days an extra .5 or 1mg if I was having a hard time at the current dose)  I know I need to just stay strong and keep it at one dose while tapering, that's why I'm wondering if I should just stop now.  Was on vicodin for almost 4 yrs (at the end 8 10mg pills/day) then suboxone for the last 3 years.  Thank you for all you do to help everyone!
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How are you feeling???
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You know my opinion, so I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on searching for more opinions. Once that plan is in place, the stress goes way down. Keep searching my friend.
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Thank you T :)  , and taking my life back I'm feeling alright but ended up taking 1.5 AGAIN today.  exercised too hard yesterday and had to work a very stressful job at nursing home today , (been burned out on it for a long long time now... Iknow any excuse blah blah blah..). that 1.5 just seems impossible to get lower than--it's a double edged sword because If I work less I have too much spare time to get anxious "imagine" symptoms, etc.  Really wish I had a job I somewhat enjoyed.... but that is part of my incentive to get off the sub and be able to feel motivated again to do something else.... Have to go, keep promising my dtr we'll go around selling girl scout cookies but I will be back as often as I can, does anyone notice caffeine worsened the anxiety/w/d's??  Thank you again for always being here!!
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Hi desp.
I haven't ever taken suboxone but I just wanted to offer my support.
I have read so much about it and I know it is so difficult to come off of but many people on this forum have done it.
Hopefully some people with knowledge and experience will be able to give you some advice.

Hope you sold lots of cookies
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