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posting of my addiction issues

Hello where do i go and what do i put in the header for it to go to the right help group or topic of something i wrote about my Fentynal addiction due to pain after 3 and a half years of waiting to get surgery and then going through detox. i know what i wrote will help others in similiar situations.
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I dont know where you posted that but just post it again the same way you just posted this one
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Please post again just the way you posted the above question. You are in the right place. If you are saying that you posted once already and nobody responded;I think that might have something to do with questions about Fentynal. I have seen that before and possibly no one on here right now knows much about Fentynal. Possibly?

But in any event. Please post us your story I know it would be helpful to others.
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I want you to read something I wrote while I detox, I plan to put some of it online to help others, writing it gave me an incredible release of anger and tension, I just wanted to get an idea of how it makes you feel, this is very special and powerful  to me so I hope you see it as I do! I focus on what I see as horrible injustices done to others in worse situations then me. Sex trade workers, homeless, destitute and the mentally ill and how they are viewed at Detox house for detox and the Nurse who did my intake. I don’t need to send it to her just need to get it out of me!
I have changed the name of where I went for detox to protect others

I have had over 3 years of planning to get of the fentanyl after surgery  so when I talked to Mental health services they recommended your detox house, after looking on the internet for more info on how the process of intake works and how detox is done,  there was no information! I chose to stop taking the Fentanyl, I could easily be on it for ever due to HIV pain but I chose to stop! That should of made a difference on how I was handled at intake but it is assumed that anyone entering Detox house is an addict. I needed to trust Detox with my life due to my many complications and when I told you what my worst case scenario was of RLS and severe leg pain and I might have to kick my legs up and down for hours and was concerned how my 8 roommates might not like it you told me I would be thrown out! Had I stayed I might have died due to your attitude. You have an opportunity to do so much good during detox, when I go through it my brain is raw, wide open and empty you can choose to fill it with positive or negative energy; you can change people’s lives forever if you do it in a positive way. You must live a very puritanical life to dismiss everyone’s concerns with the attitude of there just addicts so nothing they say means anything or is important enough for you to take concern. Does your Detox house even have a mandate or mission statement or at least something to give them hope when they go there? After much research the fundamental treatment of addiction is to treat the person not the addict as everyone responds differently to input addict or not!
I may not of been as determined to quit If it was not for spouting your verbose mantra and litany of textbook responses about addiction, I would be proud to be a drug addict rather than be painted by your broad and narrow minded brush on all peoples addiction so I thank you for that, as a trained nurse I would assume that you have dispersed pain meds at the request of doctors, but rarely stopped to see the other side, you cannot put any human being on morphine for 3 and a half years be it abusive or exact usage determined by the doctor and not end up physically addicted! As far as the klonapine not having a negative reaction on me you were absolutely wrong as it caused seizures not a good idea when you have an Angio seal after my vascular surgery and it also caused a fractured to my memory and left me not knowing my words and a detachment from my memory it is called a paradoxical drug reaction (maybe you need to look it up) I expected stern and strict measures from you but also tempered with some compassion which I did not see at any time. How can you humiliate your patients by telling them they are all addicts and will never be any different and expect them to get better after you shatter their self esteem? I have helped and done interventions and worked with hundreds of AA members, I would always listen to them, feel for them, befriend them and build them up to feel good about themselves and I am proud of the ones I helped and felt sympathy and done tough love on the ones who failed or hurt me, but not once did I give up on them or treat them the way you treated me, so I can honestly tell you after 20 days of hell 2 ambulance rides to the ER and unbelievable hiv and back pain, the screw up of the H1N1 campaign and losing 20 pounds, I am a stronger better and even more compassionate person and not once did I give up on myself. There is a huge difference on your perceived addiction attitude from the poor, homeless, destitute and mentally ill to people prescribed drugs for pain, I have a reason to get off of drugs I have a good life and that makes it mentally easier then the aforementioned.

Due to nurses and doctors in your profession you leave a swath of millions dependant on drugs you prescribed for pain but once their medical condition is treated you cut them off and leave them hopelessly addicted to these synthetic and more potent engineered opiates without any weaning process and leave them desperate enough to turn to dealers. But even dealers will front their users a fix in hard times as they understand addiction and are far more compassionate then particularly the medical authorities , you leave patients hanging by prescribing these drugs without having a family doctor and find them begging at Emergency rooms for relief from their pain and medically prescribed addiction and treat them with the utmost contempt and leave them feeling humiliated and shattered!
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                I was put on Fentanyl with no understanding or info from the Neurologist, simply a quick note saying to get this filled so I got my first prescription from a walk-in Medical Center. Patients need more information before going on these drugs, had I known the outcome it would of been different.

Fentanyl and opiate side effects

You may becomes so constipated you will not have a bowel movement for 2 weeks

You may feel like you will die or explode being this constipated.

Your system may become so toxic from all this waste your food will sit in your stomach and rot
You may aspirate your rotten food contents through your mouth and nose while you sleep
You may die from drowning on your aspirated contents of your stomach

Laxatives will help in huge doses

Huge doses of laxatives cause severe stomach pain and cramping

The person you are may change from long term pain med use

You may lose interest in everything you are and do

It may change what TV shows, movies, books, foods, and other things that make you who you are.
It may cause severe and vivid nightmares that leave you terrified in the night

You will have short periods of non REM producing sleep while on opiates leaving you exhausted and frustrated

If you miss a dose of your Fentanyl  patch or it falls off due to sweat or activity you will go through 24 hours of the worst feeling of your life from night sweats, RLS, Cramps Hallucinations, seizures, but remember help is a second away but do not eat a piece of your Fentanyl  patch! Remain in pain for the full 24 hoursor until the new patch begins to work!

Nothing stops Fentanyl withdrawals except Fentanyl no other opiate will work!

There is oral Fentanyl that would solve you from being forced to eat your patch but it is only sold in America.

If you run out you will have to summon every ounce of energy and stumble, shiver be forced to wait long hours at your hospital in withdrawals and pain when a doctor sees you and hears your story you will be treated with hostility and contempt regardless of your symptoms, illness  or that it is prescribed.

They may or may not give you a prescription even if they have injectible Fentanyl they will not give it to you and will still be forced to go get the prescription filled (remember by now you are so ill you are almost comatose)

You will be black listed in your Hospital file so the next time they see you they will be prepared for you! You may die regardless of your condition from accident or injury, remember their contempt and hostility may cloud how they treat you, it will make you stronger and a bitter angry person

There is a huge shortage of family doctors so expect to visit the hospital and go through this every time

Remember no matter how intelligent you are it is very hard to explain why you are at the ER for Fentanyl, Remember they view you as a an addict, drug seeker and abuser

Doctors do not like to give out triplicate narcotic prescriptions and rightfully so!! But if you are expect at least 60% of the time the prescription may be not as specific as the law requires so expect to have to go to your doctor and have him fix the error before filling it.

After the many years of being on Fentanyl comes Surgery day!!! You may be so happy to be pain free don’t kid yourself, if you try detox be prepared to be viewed as another addict prescribed or not.

Detox may kill you if you have a life threatening illness.

The longer and the amount of Fentanyl will determine your detox expect 6 weeks of extreme hell

Step-down dosage is the best and safest way so I hope you have a good doctor who will support you through this ordeal.  Have good family and friends for support too!

Detox has its good side you will learn to yawn and stretch when you wake up, it feels good! You will do some soul searching and find yourself again and relearn to live a normal life.

Watch for all signs of life from anger to color changes anything; they are all good while your brain normalizes

Remember someone loves you, fight every day, learn from all our mistakes there is no bad experience only learning opportunities, draw strength and inspiration from everyone and anything in your world. Healing begins when you forgive the medical community and yourself for all your mistakes. Don’t forget your life is waiting, you were fine before Fentanyl and you will be fine again. Learn to listen to your instincts and love yourself everyday!

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