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roller coaster

Yesterday wasn't too bad Still no sleep. Today is day 5 I feel like crap. Reading posts today are giving me hope. my attitude is strong I just want to sleep.
Just venting thank you
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It definatly is a roller coaster ride,,In the beginning my moods would change so fast I couldnt even keep up with them. Id be crying one minute and laughing the next. What I didnt realize at the time in those days was that I was reconnecting to my true self and feelings. I had numbed them for so long I forgot what they felt like. One day you have energy and the next you literally feel chained to the chair,,bed,,couch. Sleep when your body is ready and wants it. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you and follow it in a healthy matter. Nuture your self and your mind. Keep posting and reading!! Day 5 will be a huge turning point!! Congrats~Bkitty
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Congrats on 5 days it is a great accomplishment. The other members gave you some great advice for sleep and feeling somewhat better. I also found while I was going through w/d was Krill Oil helped me somewhat with pain as its a great anti-inflammatory. Keep taking vitamins and much fluid so you can flush yourself out. Gatorade works great. Good luck to you and I and all here know you will make as we have all been there. God Bless---Rick
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Day 5 is a turning point for most. Hang in there. Sleep is one of the last pieces to fall in to place, but it will happen. I found that the longer I was clean, the easier it was to handle not sleeping. Stingy eyes, great attitude. You're doing fantastic.  
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Congrats on five days! You're over the worst of the physical WDs, now come the mental games. Keep occupied, and get a little mild exercise today.
We all get the insomnia. It will get better. For me, it was slow progress. I
tried all kinds of things for sleep - Melatonin, Valarian, Baths, diet, anything
I read about that worked for others. I don't know which one worked, but here's what I do now: Kava Tea, Melatonin, Valarian, L-theanine. All an hour or so before bedtime. Take care and keep posting.
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Vent all you need! Posting here really helped me a lot. Just know and keep in mind that it does get better. It will take time, but it will. I also know it seems easy for me to say and a lot harder to do. I do understand what you are going through. Hang in there, you have done great so far.
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