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I've been clean for almost 5 years from blues and about this time two years ago I started taking vikes of course my ******* was playing like the impossible and acting like it didn't matter two years later now I'm taking them by like 4-7 times a day and I can't even blame it on know one but I just don't know how to handle stress well I just wish I had someone I can talk to about that's all ive always been on my own bout my addiction I got my own car house I have three beautiful kids successful job just me and today finally I do not have ne vikes nd can u guess how I feel lol ima mess too top it off I'm atwork
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Yes you are a mess. Yes your are tired.

And yes you are on day 1 of taking your life back. Won't be easy but you can do it. You don't need those pills. Nothing. Hold your head up and start day 1 of life.

You're ok. Just breathe  
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You actually just made me smile :) thank you for ut support it means the world believe it or not
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Were you involved in any form of aftercare when you got clean the first time?
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That is what I want to know???  I have some good time behind me and I sure could not get here with SUPPORT! This Journey into our Recovery is not meant to be walked alone. LIFE is going to give you some Bad & Good..When it gets Bad & You feel like you just can not go on, this is when you really need to up the Support..Believe me I would not be walking in my 19m if I did not UP it in my times of troubles and believe me I had a BIG Challenge going on that started in Nov and went on until Feb..Shoot I still am Grieving a bit..BUT I just stuck close to this site and hit other Groups.
Hope to see you get back on that horse and ride again..This time take a new path. It takes Lots of Changes to stay clean & sober. I wish you the best.
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No I was not I actually kinda leaned to drinking than just had to straighting up my act for my kids and vicourageous that's the thing I have no support at all I feel all alone and its hard being a man nd dealing with this with three kids and one of them is only three months old
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OK! Can you make it to Church or any AA/NA that is open will allow Kids to be there. We have to keep feeding our Spirit so we can learn to grow and let go of this Beast. You also should stick close to here when yo feel any cravings or life is just got to be to much. Do Not try to do this alone..That tape in the Brain will play back and trick you into using at anytime for this reason or that. We are here for you all the way..lol
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Everyone goes down roads like that. I watched my dad fall on his *** with drugs and alcohol several time but if it wernt for me ans my mom he wouldnt be here clean today. Just look at the pros and cons in life and surround yourself with people that love you for you. My best friend died last year due to substance abuse. And all she thoughtbshe knew was that she was alone. Reach out, never feel like theres absoutely no one out there because i know from experience that advice or a shoulder to lean on from a complete stranger can save a life. Like they said above. Take a deep breath, smile even if ypur holding the world on ypur shoulders and start chapter 2 in life.
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You can do this! Do it for those babies :-) When I was going through physical detox I thought about my little one and how he needed his mom "there" mentally not just physically. It is still tough for me at almost 3.5 months but it is getting better!
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I'll offer the three steps that, after 15 years of failure, helped me stumble on to the road of recovery (over two years clean now). And I'll add - I too have three kids, but my addiction was more important to me than they were. I wasted so many years, and that's time that I will never get back. So many firsts - a first school Christmas play, a first soccer game - all were missed because of pills.
Here's what worked for me...
Cut your sources. If you have access to pills you will relapse; maybe not next week or next month, but eventually you will.
Tell your secret. Tell your wife, doctor, dentist, trusted family member. If you don't you will relapse behind the secret. This is a very hard step, but very important.
Get to aftercare. NA meetings. This is a great forum, but you need to talk to other addicts, face to face. They will keep you sober and will tell you if you start to buy your own BS (and believe me, addict's have a lot of BS).
I offer the above based on personal experience; I've seen folks on this site try recovery without doing all steps, and I've watched them fail.
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