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tramadol and suboxone

I am going on the suboxone treatment for my addiction tomorrow, I was just wondering if taking tramadol would be bad.  I understand I have to be in w/d's but since tramadol is not a narc' would the same apply?  Please someone answer soon, haveing a lot of trouble just being at the computer, thanks.
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Absolutely bad. As I understand it, sub if taken with opiates (and Tramadol is a synthetic opiate) will through you into full blown withdrawals.
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yes id say it is bad idea to do this tramadol can be addictive i used to take all the time n liked it but stopped so i wouldnt be addicted to it. There is no need to take it
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I took tramadol 24 hours after I took a sub and became horribly sick until I took a sub
That was probably pretty miserable for you, NanayT5.  Hope you are doing alright.  How long have you been on sub?
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