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i need help in what will ease my symptoms i have been taking gabapentin for 4 years and supodole for a couple of months and have decided that i believe they are causing me more problems then they are solving they both were orgionally taken because of severe chronic leg pain that i have had since i came off of heroin many many years ago and for anyone who knows the pain of withdrawl well thats what i feel in my legs constanly (if anyone else has had this i would love it if you could share as i feel so alone on it) and this is why the dr has me on these i have been getting migraines from the gabapentin which the dr had assured me was in no way addictive (guess he didnt know about the physical affects) so i have decided to stop taking them and well lets just say it im an addict and if i have something like supodol i am going to miss use it from time to time so they have become an issue i know i can do this as i have done it before but i guess i mostly want to know has anyone out there detoxed off of gabapentin ? i read up on it and it says that it is to be compared to withdrawl from opiots so does this mean i will get hit with a double wammy ? just looking for a few answers and any advice on how to get through it thanks :)
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