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Withdrawal after binging for one month?

Hello everyone. My husband left me at the end of October and I went on a month long binge. I drank every day except for two separate days where I drank nothing. Each day I would drink about 10-18 beers, give or take. I am desperately wanting to stop but I am terrified of withdrawal. I am trying to do a taper right now. So far the past few days have looked like this:

Thursday-No alcohol
Friday-13 beers
Saturday-10 beers

And then tonight I am planning to drink 8 beers, tomorrow I will drink 6, and then I am planning to completely abstain on Tuesday. My question is do you think I even need to be tapering? And if I do need to taper does this seem like a good schedule or am I moving too fast? Furthermore, when I do abstain once I make it through the initial three days am I mostly in the clear? Thank you in advance to anyone that helps.
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some people say tapering is the way to go i just quit cold turkey!   i was taking nac when i drank  think it helped--  i was doing about 8 to 10 tall boys per night  during the covid--- got some right side pains under ribs ect and kidney pain. havent had any in 3 monthe on milk thistle ect so far so good but havent been to the doc!
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what was your drinking pattern like before your husband left?
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