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This community is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people who drink and are trying to quit. The forum covers topics ranging from Health Issues, How to Quit, Reasons to Quit, Relapse Prevention, Friend and Family Support.
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I used to drink very heavy about 15 years ago but I stopped for a long time and then started doing it sensibly up to 3 years ago when I s...
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Please take a moment to reach out to ibizan, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate her! She has been a Community Leader in t...
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My husband is an alcoholic and has a very strong unpleasant body odor that consumes the room and his clothing. Is the cause of this odor...
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I am 26 years old and an alcoholic. Here is my story. I first started drinking heavily when I was 19. My boyfriend (18 at the time) ha...
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Hello, so I'm 22 and I've started drinking at age 16, ofcourse rarely at that point but it grew to my current situation. To be frank, I'v...
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Can drinking on a daily basis effect your stomach for example diarrhea and gurgling stomach?
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Why would I continue a cycle that means my immenent destruction, with an alcoholic who as this cycle goes full circle, preforms infidelit...
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I am 20 years old. I drink with my friends socially about once every two weeks. Last week I got really drunk (which I regret). I had arou...
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Hello. I am a 28 year old female that occasionally drinks. Meaning that the one or maybe two nights a week that I happen to go out I wi...
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Went for drug screen and tested pissitive for alcohol and dont drink but do have type2 diabetes
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I'm currently facing a dilemma; I've been at the emergency room all day due to alcohol-related issues. It was of course mandatory during ...
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Well, I wasn't sure where to put this. This has been a long-term situation; particularly my mental health. Countless ER visits, doctors, ...
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Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I am grateful for another day sober and not living that life of insanity anymore....
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I am a 24 yr old female, 130 lbs. I don't drink daily, usually only a few times a month. A couple weeks I blew at a .16 breathalyser (4....
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I need help with two things... How do I know if my wife has a drinking problem? How do I cope with my own anger over her drinking? I hav...
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I’m experiencing some cramps sharp and burning pains in my right side and back just below the ribs and also up by right shoulder blade. A...
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My husband has been drinking heavily for 3 years - was vodka, then wine and now back to vodka. If I even mention the word "Vodka" he get...
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my husband is 30 yrs old and has been an alcoholic for many years. We dont qualify for medicaid and dont have the funds for health insur...
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I was just wondering..... I quit drinking 3 months ago..... i used to drink daily, then i cut down to just the weekends.... i never wo...
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I have to take urine tests three times a week and just found out that they were showing positive for alcohol but I haven't drank. It appe...
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