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Paresthesia all over. Can it be stress???

Hello,  I am new to the board.  I had a groin/abdomen injury about 7 months ago.  Tried Physical Therapy, Chiro and all diff types of Doctors before I was lead to a general surgeon for a possible hernia.  I had Laproscopic Inguinal mesh hernia repair 3 months ago.  The recovery was normal with little side effects.  Then the injury seemed to resurface about 6 weeks later, which spiked my anxiety and nerves.  Since then, i have been having reoccuring muscle spasms/tingling/numbness/burning sensations that started in hands and feet and have since grown to most of my extremities.  The groin/abdomen injury seems to be getting better thru Chiro visits, stretching and light physical activity.

I thought I had finally beat this whole thing earlier in this week when i started to walk more, be more active and do rehab in a pool.  I felt great!  that was 4 days ago.  Since then, the paresthesia has come back in full force in most of my body and some of it has become painful, albeit very briefly.  I have had an MRI on my brain, all 3 parts of my spine, and pelvis and nothing abnormal shows.  All of my blood tests came back normal for deficiencies and thyroid.  I had an EMG two weeks ago and they couldnt find anything.  I thought it might be due to stress but i was not stressed when my workouts were successful earlier this week.  The paresthesia just came back all the sudden two days ago after i had a physical day around the office (tried to walk around alot and take breaks to get the blood flowing since i read this is good for nerve issues)

As of today, this is the worst the paresthesia has ever been and now my stress is back at it!  I cant help it when my whole body is tingling and no doctor has been able to find what is wrong.  Does anyone know what else i can do to try and remedy the situation or who else i can see?  Ive already seen a Neurologist, who ordered the MRIs and the EMG test and he couldnt help me.  I dont have any other symptoms like fatigue/headache/flu like symptoms.  I sleep decent but not great.

What could this be?  Its starting to scare me to death and the stress makes it worse.  I need help!!
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Entrapment of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (LCNT) is a recognized complication of laparoscopic hernia repair.
I suggest seeing another surgeon for an opinion!
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