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Tonic Clonic Seizure with Alzheimer's

My mother passed away on July 7th and she had been diagnosed with Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease).    She was  also experiencing several tonic-clonic seizures, lack of oxygen, and low sodium but the docotor's  said her overall helath was good.   We had her treated several times at the emergency room for the seizures.  We were not aware that this was one of the side effects of the Alzeimer's.    Are the seizures and Alzheimer's two separate issues?  
We had her seen by a neurologist and her general practioner.      As a caregiver, I the general public should be advised about the severity of these seizures and how to be prepared to handle them.  

Since I have a history of Alzheimer's Disease from my mother and father I would appreciate any information that you can share with our family.  
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I am extremaly sorry to hear about the demise of your mother .The development of Alzheimer’s disease progresses slowly. During this time, a protein called beta amyloid gradually accumulates in the brain and forms a plaque. While more research is needed to determine exactly how this occurs, it has been proposed that this plaque could cause nerve damage in the brain, which could lead to the decline of cognitive and motor function. These changes could also lead to an increased risk of seizures. The most common types of seizures seen in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease include partial complex seizures and generalized tonic-clonic seizures.
Not everyone with Alzheimer’s disease will experience a seizure; however, this can place them at a higher risk of having one. If someone with Alzheimer’s disease has a seizure, a healthcare provider will perform a careful assessment that includes blood tests, a CT scan or MRI, and an EEG to assess the seizure type and any other underlying cause for the seizure. From these tests, an antiepileptic medication will be selected to help control the seizures.Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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My mother has alzheimers and is still functioning quite well.  We noticed about 2 weeks ago a pulsating in her upper leg.  It is constant and causes jerking motion in the leg.  When she is standing her leg shakes.  Is this a normal progression with Alzheimers?
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