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I'm going to go straight ti the point. On Aug 25th, I had 2 stressful days at work and ever since then I haven't been the same. My fear had kept from living life, and I'd interfering with my work and family.

-twitching: my left fore arm twitched more than any other part. It can be made to twitch by flexing it or stretching. Shoulders, pectoral muscles, back, butt, thighs, ham string, calves...they all twitch...and the scariest is my neck and throat.
-trouble with speech: I'm not pronouncing certain words and letters correctly. It seems to be worse at timesx and sometimes its better, but recently it feels like its always there.
-tongue feels fat, uncoordinated, and has a yellow coloration.
-lump in throat, it comes and goes.
-feeling as if my feet might drag...can't be sure

The following are symptoms that have lessened or dissipated because, I think, I have been in 1mg of clonazepam per day.

-internal vibrations
-perceived tremors
-Restless legs and arms
-muscle fatigue
-an extreme feeling of weakness, mainly in my left side.
-blurry vision in my left eye

Now for my questions.

1. If in fact all of this was caused by stress, shouldn't have the symptoms gone away by now? I mean, I don't feel the stress I felt on Aug 25th.

2. Can stress and it's effects last long?

3.why, if stress caused this, would it mainly "attack" my left fore arm?

4. Does it sound like als?

5.how would als start, and progress?

Please help me. Two months of mental unrest, fear, and worrying is seriously limiting my ability to function.
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Go to your GP immediately to give you some antidepressants and sth to relax you.... Anxiety is bad ! Trust me it mimics many symptoms but I are far from ALS , you can't have ALS with these symptoms. No way! Go calm your nerves and dont google because right now i already did and i am in panic mode :D
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