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Can't let go of anger even long after the incident.

I'm a 17 year old student and I get angry very quickly. I also never let go of grudges. Yesterday I had a quarrel with two of my friends and while I managed to not explode with anger, I got very passive-aggressive, as I always do. But even though the incident was 24 hours ago I'm still angry about it.

I feel like yelling at them, hitting them, beating them up. I know I most likely won't go through with it, but the anger is just not subsiding like it usually does. I'm still just as angry as I was last night. I have my summer vacations going on right now so I won't have to face them until the end of the month at least(even though we parted on friendly terms last night and they still think everything is normal), but from the inside I'm imploding with anger. It's on my mind every second I'm awake, and it's causing a real problem for me.

It tires me out mentally, and I'm unable to focus on studies. I'm also writing a novel and it's like all creativity in my brain has been burned away by the rage, I just can't write a word. I can't do any productive mental work. I'm getting worried the anger will never subside. Usually it goes away even though I hold a silent, harmless grudge against the person forever but this time not even the anger is washing away.

I've tried listening to music, playing video games, walking in the park, anything to take my mind off of it but it keeps coming back, the moment my brain goes idle, for even a few seconds.  

How do I get rid of this anger and calm my mind again? I want to get to work on my novel again, and I want to stand a chance in the coming exams, but my brain has been completely useless since last night.
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Head on over to the anger-management class.  Ask a counselor for resources.  They are great.
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