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pass out of rage and anger?

I really need to know is it normal to pass out of rage and anger or beind on verge of passing out?
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No it is not. The first thing that comes to mind is that the problem comes from either elevated blood pressure, or the fact that in some people with a heart condition, when the heart rate increases beyond a certain rate, the heart no longer fills with blood, and there is a sudden decrease in oxygenation. This condition could be life threatening and is easily diagnosed nowadays.

Thus, the answer is not "anger management", but a visit to a cardiologist.

People with this condition also develop "hot tempers" as do many people with life-threatening physical problems. The reaction is hard-wired and primordial. So the heart condition may well be responsible for the bursts of anger.
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here's an old medhelp query of the same nature,

also, this came up ... it seems that it happens, just not too much info out there on it.. .
Just over a year ago I was doing particularly bad on an xbox game, and I got extremely mad and started seeing stars, I then allegedly tore a metal handle straight off my window frame, threw a hamster out of it, and punched a mirror into shards, pretty much destroying my hand, and woke up on my landing some time later after passing out. I remember absolutely NOTHING between seeing the stars, and waking up on the landing (hallway) outside my room. I was told of everything I had done and was shocked at myself. I'm not one for bottling up anger, quite the opposite, but that was extreme even for me. (Don't worry, the hamster was ok and I gave it away to somebody for them to look after, I also sold the xbox as to avoid this happening again). My parents know of this incident, and I was referred to several psychologists whom I refused to talk to, because to be perfectly honest I'm scared there might be something 'wrong' with me, and I refuse to let that be true. Four months ago, 8 months after the original incident, I was going through a tough breakup, I threatened to kill somebody via msn, then when my mum tried to take my laptop off me to defuse the situation, I pushed her out of my room forcefully, yelling in her face the whole time. I love my mother to bits, and I remember it perfectly but it's almost like I couldn't stop (Cliché, I know.) I then, once again, saw little stars that move around and change colour, before passing out, and waking to find that I'd torn a cupboard door clean off my cupboard, and thrown a chair at my bedroom door leaving a gaping whole in it. I haven't explained any of this to my mum, instead I just apologized, and left home at the young age of 16 because my family, and me for that matter, didn't trust that it was safe having me around. If you've actually taken an interest and are still reading this, I thank you sincerely, because this means a lot to me. I moved into a flat, in a lodge, in the same town as I've lived my whole life, where for 3 months, I was absolutely fine and dandy, until yesterday. yesterday I spilled a yoghurt on my bed sheets, and I'd just washed them. I yelled some profanity, saw some stars, and then I remember nothing until waking up on my bedroom floor with several foul words carved into my cupboard by what I can only assume was a piece of cutlary or a key. Obviously I can't say what happened, because I live alone now and there's nobody else who can shed some light on it. I don't know how long I blackout/passout for, but it only feels like a few seconds. Does anybody know what could cause this sort of behaviour? It's time I sought help. Thanks, James Benzie.

I think you need to see a professional before you hurt yourself or someone else.
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