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Fingers hurt

Anyone have success in treating painful fingers/hands with arthritis? Meds? Supplements?
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Hi nannynormi.  :)

First, let me tell you glad I am that you have found us here on the Arthritis Community here on MH (MedHelp).  :)

I, too, suffer with Arthritis and my hands hurt constantly.  I'm so sorry that you are suffering (I'm assuming your asking for yourself) from Arthritis in your hands also.

I'm on Fentanyl & Percocet as well as Celebrex (I , also, have DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) but there are many over the counter prescriptions you can start with.  One thing I do every nite, is wear soft fuzzy gloves that are made for sleeping in to help keep your hads soft as they keep my hands warm and help to keep them from getting stiff at nite.

One of the very best friend's you can have is your Pharmacist!  They know all there is to know about the different medications and are an invaluable help as they can guide you with what might be best for you in conjunction with any other medications that you might be taking so that nothing will interfere with anything else you are on.  :)  Have you consulted a Rheumatologist yet?  If not you need to be sure that you get diagnosed with X-rays or any other testing that needs to be done so you know definitively what you are facing.  I hope you get the answers and help you are searching for so that you can get the help and relief that you deserve!  

Wishing you the very best and I hope that you will keep us updated as 2 how you are doing.

Looking forward to your updates on how you are doing!     ........        Sherry   :)
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Hello and Welcome to our Arthritis Community. I am glad that you found us and took the time to post a question. However I am very sorry to hear that you suffer from the pain of Arthritis. You've come to the right place.

Arthritis runs heavy in my family - from my grandma down to my sister and more. My grandma would rug (or I'd do it for her) a menthol rub (heat) on her hands that she claimed help. She did this several times a day.

My Mom used a heating pad. Sometimes that would increase the swelling but she simply could not tolerate any cold to her hands that does reduce the swelling from the inflammation.

My cuz uses compression gloves at nite. She says she ends up taking them off as they are too warm but she claims they help.

My friend drinks warm Apple Cider Vinegar (my Grandma did that also). Sounds terrible to me and I can hardly stand to watch her - but she claims it really reduces her pain. There are sites on the internet that claim it is effective. Apple Cider Vinegar is also recommended for soaking your hands along with a bit of cayenne pepper in warm water.

My sister, also an RN soaks her hands in Epsom salt when the knuckles of her hands become painful.

I'm blessed that I do not have arthritis in my hands. These are just some tips from loved ones that worked for them.

Please share with us what you find effective for you. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Take Care,
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Hi Sherry! You are so sweet to respond!  Yes, I saw 2 Rheumatologists. They said I only have Osteo Arthritis. Because of my heart/meds I cannot take some things.
You mentioned Fentanyl...what is that? cream? pills?
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Hi Tuck! I really appreciate your input! I too am sorry for all the pain your family has had to endure.
I do believe Apple Cider Vinegar works. I hear it from everyone including my cousin.  I just can't get it down. :(
Epsom salts in warm water is great...until I take my hands out. lol
You'd think by now they'd have some magic for us! Gee whiz!
best regards,
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Fentanyl is a patch that you change every 48 to 72 hrs.  The medication is in the adhesive and is released over time.  It is extremely strong, about 80 to 100 times that of morphine.  It's as you can tell, a long acting med for your pain.  It works great for me but as you know, not everything is effective for everyone so you just have to check with your Doctor to see if it's a feasible medication for you.  :)  

FYI: I, too, have heart problems.  I have 5 stents and have CAD (Cardiovascular Disease).  With all of that, Fentanyl works fine for me.  Again, you need to discuss this with your Doctor's.  It helps my arthritic pain and my DDD thru out my entire spine. From the Cervical thru the Thoracic thru the Lumbar.  :(   Don't know where I'd be without my Pain Management.  

Please stay I  touch and let us know how you are doing.  I, actually ALL of us, tend to worry about everyone that posts on here.  :)

Thinking of you and wishing you the BEST!
                 ..........       Sherry   :)  
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By the way, there's no such thing as "ONLY" Osteoarthritis.  :)   I used to be 5'4" tall.  NOW, because I'm so stooped at 69 years old, I'm lucky to reach 5' 1 1/2" tall.   As you know, there's no pain like Arthritic pain.  I'm getting ready to have my 4th hip surgery in 2 days.  The first hip replacement for my right leg.  Be VERY careful with you Osteoarthritis  and stay on top of it because it can wind up infecting every joint in your body, as it has mine.  

HANG IN THERE!  I'm here for you, every step of the way.   .......      Sherry   :)
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I hear you. I have trouble getting it down too.

Have you tried putting a little honey in it? I would think even if you watered it down, than put the honey in it'd still be okay. - or mix it with actual apple juice and honey. After all if you only have to drink four ozs of Apple Cider Vinegar - what would it matter? There are other substances in your stomach that it's going to mix with - so mix it before it gets there. :o)  

I'm sorry the Epsom Salts has not lingering effects for you. Usually it will have some effect for at least an hour or so following those baths.

I wish I had better suggestions for you. Your physician (Rheumatologist) should have a whole range of medications and recommendations to relieve your pain and protect your joints from further damage. That's important - protecting your joints (knuckles) from further damage.

Don't be afraid to take - or at least try your Rheumatologist suggestions. As much pain as you have now - allowing your joints to deteriorate will bring even more pain and limited mobility. You deserve to be as comfortable and as functional as possible.

Don't forget to exercise those fingers. "Typing" on your computer is good exercise, playing piano or other musical instruments can also be good exercise for your hands. Finding something fun or enjoyable to do helps take the pain out of exercise - but I'm sure you know that! You sound like an intelligent person.  

Plz be active in our community. We welcome you to join in responses or post whenever you need or want to do so. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon. Keep those digits warm! :0)

Warm Regards,

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Thank you for sharing! I broke my toe by slamming my bare foot into a concrete cynder block.  Oh The Pain!!   Yes, on the arthritic foot and yes the same foot I broke last year. hahahaha
I'm a clutz! Surprisingly enough, as red and purple as it has gotten, it's really no more painful than I already have!
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Keeping fingers warm is not a problem....I live in Florida! hahahaha  Yes, I am taking supplements and using fingers all the time. I keep myself quite entertained with 4 small grandchildren. Funny how they can keep your mind so busy you don't even feel the pain for stretches of the day!
Best regards,
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I live in Florida too. I am rarely cool - let alone cold.  Hello fellow Floridian! :0)

I'm delighted that you enjoy your grandchildren so much. They are Blessings!

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I have arthritis in my fingers that mostly hurt my thumb.  You mentioned to stay on top of the pain so it doesn't get worse and through out your body.  Doesn't the pain meds just cover up the pain.  what can we do to stop it from attacking other joints.  
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Hello and Welcome.

I know your question was directed at Namnam (Sherry). She's been off for awhile now following surgery. I thought I'd comment.

I see two question in your post. "Doesn't the pain meds just cover up the pain."  Pain meds should reduce your pain and not cover it up. Anyone that has more than minor chronic pain will tell you that nothing takes it away completely. We still know when the pain is worse or we are having a flare  Meds aren't meant as a cover up - they are meant to provide some quality of life and pain relief. Sherry was referring to opiate therapy. She meant to take the opiate before the pain becomes severe instead of waiting too long. An opiate will not reduce the progression of arthritis, nor does it treat arthritis - it only helps control the pain from it.

However there are are several arthritic medications available today. I'm not talking about an opiate. I won't go into detail but arthritic meds are designed to reduce inflammation and slow the progression of the disease. Which answers your second question:  "what can we do to stop it from attacking other joints."  It's important to consult a good Rheumatologist. They can help control the arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications and other measures.

Arthritis often "moves" at different speeds in different individuals. It may be that only your thumbs will have arthritis - for a variety of reasons - or it may be that arthritis will eventually effect all of your digits. No one has the exact answers as to why this happens. In some ppl it may be that they over used or injured a body part, arthritis sets into those joints as we age. In other ppl it just seems to naturally occur (heredity factors, etc) and arthritis extends to other joints.  

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. Sherry should be returning soon.

Warm Regards,
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