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Help I have -Osteaarthritis- Hip Bursitis- Bone Spurs- Degenerative disc desease-

I have pain constantly, and it never eases off at all, unless I put the stickers/plaster  on me that seem to go deep into the bone...  

Their called " Vorwerk, Chilly Brand " - Porous cansicum plaster -

I have since been told I have hip bursitis from a rheumatoligst, and he gave me 6 costizone shots in one day, 2 went in my hip bones, 2 went in my back bones, and 2 in the butt bones, The cortizone needles didn't work at all... and the rhumy doctor ended up saying to me: I have too many problems... He was one of many doctor's that is confused on how I have all this going on and it's like i'm a puzzel still to this day.. They all seem to ask me , how did you get degenerative disk desease & bulging disk "sometimes" and OA, at L5 S1... And bone spurs very low as well...and now Hip Bursitis..

I just wish someone would tell me I can have surgery of some kind to help out even a little bit, I take medication at night just to knock myself out from the pain it's that bad.. The rhumy doctor even said to me why have I been suffering for so long.. I told him I have teen children and they need me.. But I ended up going to my moms to get the appointment with him and got a bone denisty test done that showed I have thinning of the bones.. I have another appointment with him on Jan 22-09, for more cortizone shots.. and again they didn't work at all. I left his office the same as when I went in there.

I am 42 years old, and have had this stuff for almost 2 years now, I am surprised I am still alive to be honest, The pain when it hits down low brings you to the floor with horrible screaming. I had to leave my home and go to my moms due to the screaming .. No one understands it in my family ..and even the doctor's don't understand it yet how bad I really am..

I feel so lost and confused on what to do next.

I have emails if anyone would like to add me: ***@**** (or) ***@****

Thank you.
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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, but glad you found us! Know that you are not alone! When my OA was discovered, it was because I twisted funny and it caused the most excruciating pain I'd ever felt! For 2 days, I would get stuck sitting, once on my hands and knees on the floor, because the pain was just to much! My husband had to lift me up! My current diagnosis is OA between L4/L5 & L5/S1 and bulging disks between L3/L4 & L4/L5. I have bone spurs, stenosis and disk degeneration. I also have constant pain in my sacrum - they don't know why...

First and foremost - if your rhuem is saying those things, I would suggest finding a new doctor, one more sympathetic. If the cortisone isn't working, then you should ask about a pain management clinic. Back surgery, especially in someone so young, is something they will consider as a last resort, when everything else has failed to give you relief.
Pain clinics will look at all your symptoms and help design a pain management program based off your unique situation. They will also be able to assess if surgery might be the best option for you.

A few things you can try at home for relief would be 1) Ice Packs. OA causes inflammation - you need the ice to reduce it which should give some pain relief. 2) Sit in a chair with your feet flat and slightly apart. Bend at your waist touching your chest to your knees. Go slowly and don't bounce. This will help take some of the pressure off the spine. You can also do this lying on your side in bed, but instead you will curl yourself SLOWLY into a fetal position. Again, meant to relieve pressure. 3) When doing any type of shopping, use a cart and lean over a little as you push. 4) Brisk walking can help strengthen your back muscles, and I have found that while a slow walk can be very painful, the brisk walk helps loosen things up and reduces pain. 5) When doing housework, or when you have to be on your feet for a long period of time, you may want to invest in a lumbar support brace. DO NOT use it all day and every day because that will cause your muscles to rely on it for support and they wont be able to support it - causing more damage than good results and will become even more painful.

I hope this info was helpful and you can find some relief. Please let me know how you're doing, and please look into finding a new doctor!
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I have done I think about everything you have mentioned.

except finding a new rhumy doctor, But your right I need a new one as this guy don't seem to care at all.

I can barley sit on my butt due to the severe sharp pinching like there's glass or something sharp in my butt and hips and low back..

and then the pain on top of it all plus the burning puts me over the edge.

what did you do about the bone spurs? I feel like they are being a cause of what I am going through, being there's the feeling like I have glass or something poking at me all the time.. Thank you for the response.
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I haven't done anything. Mine comes and goes. When it's bothering me, I take it slow and easy. Instead of sitting "normal" try sitting with your knees folded, and to the side, so you're sitting more off your hip and not across your bottom, like you would sitting sideways on the sofa.
Hope you find help soon!
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ok thank you for all your help.
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if your rear thighs and buttocks hurt when walking or sitting to long ask dr for a PAD test. my neuro did oneon me(I don't know why) and I tested positive for PAD. Wish you well.
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I know exactly what your talking about I have had burstitis for 8 years tons of cortisone shots that dont work I have bone spurs in the hip area I have had acupuncture didnt work , massage therapy,ultrasound by therapist and nothing its so frustrating constant pain cant sleep on my side have to have a pillow between my knees, it feels like someone is ripping the muscles right out of my legs somedays, I have been to a surgeon for consultation and he told me that he had done these surgerys and 1 out of ten worked so thats not a option, dont want to be in any more pain that I am already in, this all came about when I fell at work on my hip and have been in pain ever since. I have just recently seen my doctor so she has exrayed and I am just waiting for results. Linda
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