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I have crepitus all of a sudden and other symptoms

Hi there, i suddenly came down ill with something some weeks back, i was just sat down eating my dinner (pasta) and suddenly this really ill feeling came over me.. i had no coughing, cold or any sort of typical respiratory infection symptoms you would expect with a typical virus.

However i had ice cold legs.. my arm started shaking and sudden weakness in my arms and legs, my legs started wobbling like crazy when i tried to stand.. the most annoying symptom is i suddenly have all these clicking, snappy, crackling and grinding noises in all of my joints, not to mention the surrounding tissues of these joints sound like they are ripping, i really cant explain the noise other than a crunching muscle noise that associates the joint noises that i get all over my body, the places they most happen and most loudly are my wrists and neck, i also can hear a sort of clunking noise in my hips sometimes. I tried an exercise today where i sit on a chair and lightly punch my arms in the air which causes grinding/fizzing noises in my neck.

I have absolutely no idea what this is. I recently had blood work involving vitamin D, calcium, ESR, CRP as well as rheumatoid factor,  anti ccp antibodies as well as ANA tests all of which came back fine and negative.

If anyone can please help me identity what this issue might be you will be a god send, im really suffering with this and dont know what to do or who to turn to.. I also recently had an MRI of my spine but my guess is that if they saw something funny on that scan regarding my spinal bones they would have told me, this is why it baffles me so much. My guess is that its some kind of lubricant or nutrient fluid that suddenly disappeared from my body all at once so now my body now makes all these noises. Thanks for reading. Appreciate any help you can give me.
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Hi were you able to determine the cause of these cracking noises
not directly, i found out it was related to adrenal fatigue and hormones but the real underlying problem i ended up with was: lyme disease, mold toxicity, mercury/metal poisoning..
that is all i can tell you, good luck
Mercury toxicity, were you exposed to mercury at any point whether through environmental exposure of via dental fillings?
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