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ON going pain after Total Knee Replacement

I had a TKR in september 2008, I have found it very difficult to bend the knee to the required position without pain and stiffness. I have done all of the excersises that have been given and have remained quite active. I cannot walk very far without discomfort,and the knee still gives way. My legs are continuously aching, and it is difficult to get a goo nights sleep. Is there still arthritis present after a replacement

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I had arthoscopic surgery in Oct 2008 in the hopes that this would help my 80 year old knee in my 45 year old body to no avail. Resulting in tkr. I had tkr five weeks ago and scar tissue has left me with only 82 degree bend. Can't make a round on a bike still. Therapy started the day after my surgery and left recovery with cpm on my leg to move it. Also used cpm at home for two weeks after returning home from 4 day hospital stay. Had a shot of cortisone in my knee on Monday and that is helping with swelling but I seem to go backwards everytime I have therapy. Last Friday I had an 82 degree bend, Yesterday it measured 66. He also strapped my leg in a bent position to the leg of the table I was on which left me almost screaming in pain. I leave therapy and can not put any weight on my leg for the rest of the day. I do my exercises at home as well as aquatics at my gym and seem to have better results without all the aggressive technics. My surgeon wants to do a manipulation but this seems to be  just more trauma to cause more scar tissue. Have you had this and will it help?
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Hi there;
   Well, let's see, I had my RTKR in Oct 2007, after having a PKR and a revision to the PKR and then the surgeon winded up doing the TKR. You are just a little over 3 months post op, you're going to have pain for at least a year. With that said, has your surgeon said anything about having a manipulation done? Do you know what your flexion and extension might be?
    If I were you I would contact my os and go in. If you need a MUA you need to do it
now, the longer you wait the harder it will be. I had so many problems with PT, I refused to go back and I did my physical therapy on my own. I have -2 extension and 105 flexion. I'm happy with my numbers.
    You really should talk to your os, and them him/her know what's going on. Please let me know how you are.

gentle hugs
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Hello! Welcome to the Arthritis Forum! I don't really have an answer for you, but someone will jump in to answer this for you! There are many people here with many varieties of arthritis, and many different stories to share, it just sometimes takes a few days, with the holidays and that all just now settling down.
I would imagine it would depend a lot on the type of arthritis you have/had as to weather is could still be affecting the area. I know with my FIL it took him quite some time to finally fell better after his knee replacement surgery. His was due to the tendons and muscle having to be retrained after years of having problems before the surgery, and the fact that he was over 62 - unfortunatley, the older we are, the longer it takes to "bounce back"

Keep us posted, and here's hoping you get your answer soon!
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