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Pain 15 mos after knee replacement

I have arthritis through out my body.  15 months ago I had total knee replacement, now I have pain there.  There is a sore spot on either side of the knee, sometimes the pain wakes me.  My ortho did x-rays last wk and cannot find any reason for the pain.  Have any of you had this same experience?
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Would you mind telling me what city you live in?  I work for an Ortho Surgeon who although has 0 bedside manner is a phenomenal surgeon, specializes in knee and hip replacements.  Did they use titanium?  If you can, get a second opinion, I'll see what I can find out from my doc for you.

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I am just about 1 year post TKR.  I still have pain.  I have metal and plastic and I wonder if it is not a reaction to the prosthesis.  I also have arthritis am I am the best weather predictor there is.  I can tell if it is going to rain or snow a couple of days before.  I was told that it takes 2 years to heal.  I have not gone to any other doctors because I cannot see one talking against another unless there is something that sows in x-ray and nothing does.  The pain level is much better than it was post-op but I cannot walk for long perios either outside or mall type walking because of the intense pain.  I begin to limp.  I do need another TKR on the opposite side but am afraid to go ahead.  I feel by 1 year I should be able to walk well for long distances.  Guess this is not true.  I was originally told that 97% of all people are 100% better.  I am hearing about so many people with problems lately.  Please keep me posted if you have any great news or advise.
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Good morning;
    My journey into knee hell started in March of 2007. I went in and had a PKR(medial) and within 8 weeks, the complete PKR failed. Both components had broken lose and the spacer shot out. The same surgeon took me back in and revise the PKR, 5 days later the spacer shot out and lodged in the medial side of my knee. It hurt so bad I could barely walk.

   I took my medical records and went to another surgeon. Come to find out, the 1st surgeon had cut too much away from my tibia and there was no way that it was going to work. On Oct 22, 2007 I went in and had a TKR done. The OS did a fantastic job on the replacement,but he dam near killed me sending me home without any type of pain medication. He told me to take ibuprofen. In comes the PMP. It took two weeks to get into see the pain doc, and for that 2 weeks I was unable to do any PT at all. As soon as the pain doc walked in, and he looked at my face, he gave me a shot and I was finally out of misery.

   Not being able to go to PT, I was in trouble with my flexion, I was stuck at 60. My extension was fine, just couldn't bend the leg. The sadistic OS wanted to do an MUA and I flat refused!! I did my PT at home and worked like a dog but today my flexion is 120. I can live with that. I now have a new OS at Baylor College of Medicine and he is wonderful. He told me that sometimes it takes up to two years before the pain finally goes away. I also have OA and RA and was DXed with Fibro and Chronic Pain Syndrom almost a year ago. Although I need the left knee replaced, no way no how will I go through that again.

   Good luck to the both of you.

gentle hugs
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Thank you for sharing your experiences!  I am sorry you both had less than expected or hoped results from your surgeries.  It seems the results are as varied as the individuals that have the procedure.  Would that we could all be poster-children for the procedures and treatments we receive!  I know they are making advances all the time so will hope something new and improved comes along to help you.  I will keep an eye out for any new information.  Glad to have you here in our forum and hope to get to know you both better.
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