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Wrist, sprain, lumb, dislocate

I was at work on friday working on the fryers, and all I remember is i had my left hand wrapped around the little knob trying to twist it off and my wrist just gave out. Now im fairly sure i dislocated my thumb because it was stiff and swollen. The top part of my hand itself was kind of swollen also. But my biggest concern is that there is a small lump on the bottum part of my wrist now that I can move around. It was pretty big when it originally happened and I kept pushing it back in. 4 days later however it is quite small but still sticks out. I was not and nor in any pain during the entire inccident and my fingers/wrist/thumb are free to move. The only problem is my thumb is kind of  sluggish due to the swelling which makes me think i dislocated it. And that lump I keep pushing back in is still out. " the lump in wrist does not move, i can just push it in"

If it was a torn tendon or ligament...I wouldnt be able to move my wrist/fingers/hand or anything right??

If it was a sprain to my wrist from being bent back too far that lump is just the tendon swollen?

If i dislocated my thumb... what attached to it but in the wrist could be the bump? a bone popped out of place?

If it was a cyst or something...why would it just now show up??

Thanks for any help, really curious before i go through with workers comp and go to docters about it.
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I wish I had an answer for you, but all I can think of is to go and at the very least, get an x-ray to make sure nothing's broken or dislocated. The lump could be a bone chip, a nodule on a tendon, any number of things. Don't wait too long, if you keep trying to work through in injury you could end up making it worse.
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Hi, have you re-covered?
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