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Wrist/finger joints - very slight pain (rarely)

Hey, Im 16, Im new to this whole thing so sorry if this is not very well written.

I have played video games for a few years now, I use my Xbox and PC daily for a couple of hours in total.
Over the years my fingers have started clicking, sometimes it is quite loud and I have developed a habit of doing it, I have started to reduce the amount I click my fingers.
My knuckles have a slight redness which comes and goes, also my fingers/wrists feel a little stiff in the morning.
I have wondered if it could be to do with the fact that i have very skinny fingers?
Im just getting a bit worried that I may have led myself into early arthritis ?
I was also wondering if anybody had the same problem ?

Ollie :)

Thanks, Ollie.
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Hey, I looked at that "histadelia" and Im pretty sure I do not have that, I get mild hayfever during the summer months, and don't really get colds much, I do get the pain in my joints, I researched into whether clicking your fingers was bad for you, and most people say it's not linked to arthritis, I just can't get over the fact that because im in the generation that I am, just like others it's not easy to live without modern technologys, there addictive I guess :/

Thanks anyway :)
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Hi, just wondering if you have any allergies? High histamine levels can cause premature arthritic symptoms. Pain in joints and muscles. Might want to look into a condition called histadelia (naturally high histamine levels). It's not recognized by doctors but it does exist! I'm living proof!!!
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