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chances of a hernia?

i made a post about 2 or 3 months ago. maybe more. it was about hip pains and knee pains. after my torn ligaments from the job i was working at healed i have been having another problem. the last day before i stopped going in i felt a pop in my right side above my groin. there was a sharp pain and i started to limp when i was leaving work. here are some symptoms i have been having:

1. burning sensation around my hips, right groin area, upper buttox, and inner right thy from sitting too long or standing too long.

2. sharp pains in my right side above groin after too many hours of being on my feet.

3. sore right testicle.

4. cant run, jump, or twist

5. pain in left knee sometimes

one time i had to lay down for a few days because after 4 days of menial daily tasks my whole abdominal area hurt when i coughed. i feel like all my joints are going to **** and no matter how much time i give them to heal it doesn't help. is it possible this sharp pain i felt on the job was a hernia because i haven't seen a noticeable lump? i have felt around when i was standing up and pressed on something slightly in the groin area causing the pain to become more severe for a whole night and i barely got sleep. would it be easier to see a lump if i tightened my muscle, were laying on my back, or standing up straight?

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update: I think I found the culprit! i was taking a real close look and on the right side of my lower stomach is a lump. it was hard to tell but when i laid down and looked at it when i tensed my abs and relaxed them. i did the same thing standing up. i was able to pin point it and its right in the spot i remember feeling the sharp pain at. i cant believe i just noticed this. can my other hip pains be from nerves being aggravated? why would my right testicle be bothering me sometimes?
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Yes, this does seem to me like that lump is a hernia. You'll need to get that looked into so it doesn't become worse and possibly cause problems with your intestines. Since the lower abdominal muscles attach at least partially, to the lower pelvic bones in your groin area, the testicular pain could be related. Definitely go get it looked at.
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did you find out what was going on?  my son is having some of the same problems.  thanks.
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