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related complaints

I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis then fybromyalgien now osteoathritis in my hands which apparently is likly to spread.  I am only 61 so need to deal with all this.  Are they all related?
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spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis are frequently seen as we age so you might consider them related.  Fibromyalgia is more closely associated with autoimmune issues than it is with your other 2 conditions BUT they all involve pain.  What treatment plan has been prescribed to you?  How did they diagnose you with fibro- what tests did they run?
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I was told that there is not a test that can 100% confirm Fybromyalgia but they have given me tests to illiminate anything else it could be and my reumatoligist thinks my symptoms i.e., muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, poor circulation, IBS strongly indicate Fybo.  Having said that when the muscle paid first started (there was always alot of confusion because of the Spinal Stenosis) the specialist was convinced I had polymyalgia and I was put on Steroids for a long time, worst thing that ever happened I did not respond as they had hoped and put on 6 stone in weight which just made everything 10 times worse.  Have managed to lose some but still 5 stone overweight. Cannot exercise due to pain and get very depressed.  Have this week had results of hand x-rays and apparently riddled with athritis, no cure and doc thinks if its in my hand will most likely develop in the rest of my body.  I take gabapentin for pain and other meds for stomach, depression, blood pressure, statins as have a small growth in head that not life threatening but has to be constantly monitored by MRI scans for growth rate, tabs for water retention and paracetamol, sleep tab on occasions. Have tried  many times to get off pills, tried alternative meds, accupuncture, reflexology (not much I haven't tried).  Got to learn to live with what I have got would appear no magic cure.  I am currently going to a course on chronic pain management arranged by my GP and Physio, it is very helpful and so good to be with people who understand what I am going through.  Meant to say that the specialist did the tender point test on me and didn't get a totally positive result but she felt that this did sometimes happen and was still sure I have Fybro.  Sorry this is so long winded and hope you understand. Regards Janet
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It sounds like you are doc is providing excellent care for you.  Fibro is a diagnosis given by eliminating all other possibilities, but not all docs do the necessary testing.  I am glad to read you are in a pain management program.  I hope it helps you!  One thought on the pain med you are taking, if it is not helping, you may want to try something else as gabapentin is a medication used to treat nerve pain and may not provide relief from your muscular pains.
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I posted that early by accident!  I also wanted to write that I am glad you are here and a part of our community.  Many of us suffer and it does help to talk to people who understand how bad you can feel when you don't look sick at all :)
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