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Side effects

Last few months I have been experiencing dreadful metal taste in mouth.   Always seem to have a drip to my nose and now having problems with eye - pain and blurred vision, can this be from medication.
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A metallic taste can be due to many causes, but the medications you listed are not associated with causing a metallic taste. You should see your physician to diagnose the reason you're experiencing this.

Common reasons are:
respiratory infections (colds, sinus infections, throat infection, or pharyngitis)
dry mouth (due to salivary gland disorders or infections)
vitamin deficiencies (such as B-12 and zinc)
Cushing's disorder
liver or kidney failure
head injuries
brain tumors or other tumors that destroy or injure areas of the nose, mouth, throat, or brain responsible for taste
nasal polyps
Bell's palsy
multiple sclerosis
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