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Wellbutrin XL Side Effect?

Is chronic sore throat and sinus inflammation a possible side effect of Wellbutrin XL 150?  My doctor has been unable to clear up this problem with antibiotics, allergy medications, decongestants, expectorants, etc and the problem started within a few days of me started WB appx 6 weeks ago.  Maybe it's a coincidence, but if not are these side effects transient?  Thanks!
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Oral ulceration is a rare side effect that can occur while taking Wellbutrin, however, sinus inflammation is not.
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Wellbutrin can cause something called "dry mouth" that is a side-effect of many anti-depressants. This could lead to your throat being sore because your mouth is uncomfortable also. If so, this side effect is more likely to happen when you start  the medication and will likely go away if you stick with it.
Anti-depressants are frustrating because you get the side effects RIGHT AWAY and the good effects only after 6-8 weeks. I suggest you give it some more time before stopping.
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