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Chest infection, coughing worse?

I've had a bas cough for about10 days now, I went to the doctor on Sunday (after the peak flow dropped to about 300 on double inhaler). I was told I've got a chest infection, given the usual steriods and antibiotics. After making the mistake of attempting to go to work on Monday I've been at home (I couldn't walk upstairs without needing inhaler). I was feeling better yesterday evening, peak flow back up to 380 (which is about 85%) and was able to walk up and down stairs without a cough. Have however woke up today with a stabbing pain in the chest and a cough that is causing me to be sick, peak flow a little lower but not too bad. I really thought I was getting well, has anyone else had this?
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Sometimes asthma will go up and down even as you are on increased meds for a flare-up.  I recently had a flare-up, started pred and was starting to feel better and then crashed the next day.  I crashed hard enough that I was almost out of my family doctor's realm and she just about sent me to emergency.  So yes, you defintely can start to feel better and then get worse.

However, I would talk to your doctor since it the flare-up is due to a sickness. You can end up with pnuemonia that can cause severe breathing problems and chest pain.  I hope you already did this since it's been a couple of days since your post (sorry I missed it before).  I hope you feel better!
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