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More Serious than Asthma?

I was recently told that my 20 month old son has asthma. At 4 weeks old he was hospitalized with RSV and pneumonia. He has always had a lingering caugh which is usually dry unless he has a cold and many times acts up at night. At 10 months old he had ear tubes placed because of frquent ear infections. At 1 year he had his adenoids removed due to a constant thick green discharge from his nose for many months. At 17 months he had his 3rd surgery to shave his adenoids which had grown back and they also went into his airway with a scope and discovered that he had acid reflux and also bronchitis, which wasn't surprising since he had the same caugh for 4 months. His nose cleared up for a few weeks with antibiotics but has been running again for the past 4 weeks. We were told he had asthma after an episode of wheezing that he had which subsided after a couple hours. He has Albuterol nebs for when he has an episode but they are wanting to put him on Pulmicort now as his ped feels we have had to use the Albuterol too often. He has also been experiencing several flare ups of eczema within the past month and a half. His ped has referred him to an allergist to try and get to the bottom of things. No one has done a chest x-ray on him yet and I'm wondering if I should request it. I am just afraid that he may have something more serious going on that they are missing.
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WELCOME to our Communty.  Reflux that isn't controlled can contribute to the asthma in the way of micro or aspiration.  Definitely work with an allergist and see if you can determine what is causing the eczema, too.  Our new food diary is awesome and can be used to track the foods and then put in as notes the symptoms, etc.

Let us know how things go.

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