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Throat closing up, please help!

I'm not sure where to post this, hopefully this is the right place!  I am a 26 year old healthy female.  Last Thursday night I started to have problems breathing.  It felt like my throat was closing up.  I couldn't take deep breaths.  When I did try and take deep breaths or yawn my chest would hurt.  My chest also felt tight.  I have felt this way constantly for about a week now.  

I went to my doctor on Monday.  The doctor did a Lung Function Test and said that my input and output was fine.  They were concerned because I went in about 6 months ago with pain in my legs.  They sent me for an emergency CT scan to make sure there wasn't a blood clot in my lungs.  It was clear - no clots and no pneumonia.  The doctor said that just because my test was fine I could still have asthma.  So they gave me an inhaler of Albuterol (sp?) and sent me home.  I used that a couple times the next day.  It would help open up my airways for about 5 minutes and then I would be short of breath again and unable to take a deep breath.  I called the doctors office and they gave me another inhaler of Advair.  I have been using that for two days now and I am able to take deep breaths.  My chest doesn't hurt or feel tight anymore.  However, my throat still feels like it's closing up.  It feels like my lymph nodes are slightly swollen and it just feels like there's something in my throat or it's collapsing.  Is this a sign of asthma or possibly something else?  
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Welcome to our Asthma Community!  Keep us posted and keep in contact with your dr's.

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You definately have asthma and Advair with time will reduce the symptoms of asthma, but if  you have sudden attack it's best to you the albuterol or a  proventil inhaler. As yourself I was having problems with what felt like my throat swelling almost shut and this can be dangerous. In my situation it was digestive issues. I caught a rare virus in my stomach and it took months of treatment with antibiotic and I actually had a procedure where they put a small camara all the way inside your stomach to check for pulups. I still feel as if I have someting unfortable inside my throat. Get it check out.
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