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Where is the best to live for Asthma

When I lived in Calif. my asthma went away.  I moved to N. Fla.  and in 4 years it has gotten severly worse.  Is there anyplace to move where it is not densely populated, where the medicine is up to date and it does not cost an arm & a leg to live there.  Austin is out of the question as is going back to California.  Would living close to the ocean help?
My doctor won't prescribe prednisone and the steroid inhalers are too expensive so I am relying on allergy meds & an albuterol inhaler.  Thank you.
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I lived in Florida for a while and my asthma was out of control there. I have to say, it wasn't the best state for my lungs. As a comedian used to say "anyplace but Florida..." Check out Wal-mart for the best prices on inhalers. I am going to recommend you save up your pennies and get some Foradil (formoterol fumerate inhalation powder). It is VERY expensive, but the 12mcg packets work almost immediately and are more effective than the albuterol sulfate. The Foradil will last for a long time. It will save you a hospital bill on a bad day. The albuterol suflate is short-acting.  The steroidal inhalers do NOT work immediately.
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There is a small area in Texas that is supposed to be the best as far as researching allergy/asthma.  You would have to Google it, as I forgot the name.
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I came up with this link:


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I live in TX and I'm having lots of problems here and it's really a drag.  I lived and AZ for a while and it was really bad there, too.  I was miserable.  I don't know the best places to live...it probably depends on each person's triggers.  I have allergies, which trigger my asthma (exercise is also triggers it).  I take both allergy and asthma medication down here, which makes for a much happier choo_choo.  In AZ I was in some sort of denial which made for a (needlessly) unhappy choo_choo and frustrated doctors because I would not use my asthma medication unless I thought I was about to die.

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