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Does hand flapping always mean autism?

I have a 15 month old (14 months adjust), and when she's excited, she flaps, and sometimes when she's upset, but mostly when she's excited. She points, says a few words, walks, east well, and sleeps well. She is evaluated by ECI every 3 months, since she was a preemie, and they say she's advanced, but the hand flapping STILL worries me. Soe days she does it much more then others.
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Hand flapping is a form of stimming. It can be a sign of autism, but it doesn't necessarily mean your child has autism. It is a form of self soothing. Try to find something else for her to do when she is stressed out or excited instead of flapping her hands. For instance she could hug a stuffed animal, do a yoga pose, or sing a song. If she is getting tested regularly and they say she is fine she probably is. If you feel you need a second opinion you could find another doctor to evaluate her.
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I second advice above. And yes, it definitely doesn't have to be autism. My nephew did this for years when he was excited. It was really cute. He's 12 and doesn't now.
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Please don't make her or direct her to stop stimming in the way she does. Stimming is very important to us Autistics. Having said that, stimming is only one of the many traits of ASD and it exists in non autistic people as well. On its own, it is a soothing tool your daughter uses to calm herself, let her do it and if you are concerned about how that looks to others, don't be, it is not about them, it's about your daughters ability to calm herself.
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