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We have a great group here!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank each and every member here in our community!  You rock!

I appreciate each and every member here!   We got some parents looking for answers, some parents trying to find the right questions, some parents with some good answers.  Some persons on the autistic spectrum are also looking for the same things:  answers and questions. We have information here, and we have informed discuissions.  We have a great diversity.  We have an ecclevtic mix of very smart and caring people.

There's just something I'd like to see:  I'd like to know more about who we all are.  This is optional.    Please take a moment to create a profile, tell me a little about yourself.   You don't need a lot of detail.   Maybe your mood, interests, where you are, some short description.   If you are concerned about privacy, I can understand.  Maybe just the country and mood.  
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You're welcome. Sorry I've been MIA this last week. But I did create a blog with some messages relating to autism and advocacy if you wish to check it out:
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Not sure if you wanted us all to reply to the message or do the PM thing... but well....  to summarize...

I'm in Indiana, moving to Wisconsin in the summer.  Mother of a 2 1/2 year old girl who has language delays, sensory issues, and some OCD issues developing.  She's too young to know if she's autistic/PDD yet, but am on the forum to get ideas for parenting and therapy for the various issues.  I also have sensory issues/sensitivity and ADHD myself, so am interested to hear if anyone else has those issues that they are dealing with as an adult.  Mood=generally happy, sometimes a little bit crazy, and having fun being a stay-at-home mom.
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the way to create a profile is to click on your  screen name where it says "welcome back "  Near the top whre it says "edit profile" (with a pencil icon) , "watch list"  (with binoculars icon), "settings", (with a gear icon).  Click on "edit profile" and say what you want.  

You can put something in the box "a little about me"  or add a list of interests seperated by commas in thhe "interests" box.

Whatever else you want to share with us goes where it goes.  Heck, you can even add photos if you want.

Oh, and don't forget to click the "save" button!

to change your mood, it's easier, you don't have to click on "edit profile"  just click on "Change mood" and type away!

888mom has already done created a profile.  There are a few who haven't even created a profile.  MJI has done this as well, she even adds photos.
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