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Am on RAW FOOD Diet and getting mercury/amalgam fillings removed

I am healing my body back to health.
Just read the post by someone in Aug. of last year how she cured her Lupus with Raw food and detoxing.  I believe any disease is caused by the body being TOXIC...many many toxins in our world today first starting with the food we eat 3-4-5 times a day!  Water..air...mercury/amalgam fillings.

Was wondering if anyone else is eating raw organic food and detoxing ( colonics, changing food, fillings removed, coffee enemas)
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Detoxing is scary for me since I don't have a large colon.  However, I just read Lupus-Alternative Therapies that work and am intrigued by the mercury/amalgam filling removal.  I am considering that.  I have already removed the majority of processed foods from my diet and am going to start on the organic eating.  I am trying to reduce red meat and increase vegetables and legumes.  Some of the supplements in the book sound promising too.  Don't you just wish the medical profession would work on this stuff too!
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You are correct in your way of thinking.  All this neurological **** we are seeing today is the results of toxins and they are everywhere.  The detox program I followed was by Tom McQuire, DDS.  It worked good for me.  As far as diet I started with the Swank diet but think the Paleo Diet has shown more success in threating neurological diseases.  As far as the dental thing I had 10 root canals and an assortment of fillings.  My gums were bleeding and that was clearly a problem in my case.  Everyone must decide this issue for theirself because this is a major decision.  I have some information concerning this issue that I will post.  The detoxification and eating health are very important for good health.  I am sure you realize that when you have these amalgams in your mouth the mercury has already traveled in your body and now you have to detoxify to get it out.  I have done everything you talk about plus more.  Juicing, fasting, and adjusting the PH has been part of my program for good health.  If you have any questions concerning any of this stuff let me know.  




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What results did you get?
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The results I have gotten were good.  Good health has returned to me.  I think it is important if you decide to get the dental work done is to have it done with a properly trained mercury free dentist.  There is a certain procedure that should be followed or it could make you sick.  Hal Huggins has a book "Solving the MS Mystery".  I would recommend reading the book before having any of the dental procedures done.  It will explain how the procedure should be done to keep you from getting sick.

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I am having them done one at a time..the "safe" way..he is a trained dentist in this area and we wait and detox for four weeks and do the next tooth...I have 3 left to replace.

The thing that convinced me was a movie called The Beautiful Truth where three dentists show and measure the mercury vapor.  It made me cry.  How could they have put this poison in me when I was only 10?  I just hate it.

The other part is Organic Raw food..a dvd called FOOD MATTERS showed me WHY I need to be eating raw food...it is naturally detoxing because if you're eating raw you're not eating processed..that's a detox right there...as I began the food cravings went away quickly and I just couldn't eat things I KNEW were bad for me...I'm not 100% raw but that's my goal.  ALSO a new movie due out on DVD in Nov. of this year is Food Inc.  you can go to YouTube and watch parts of it right now.  It's amazing what the American people have had to put up with and our health is suffering because of it.

Hal Huggins is great.

Changing your diet, I am convinced is the FIRST step to healing the body and one you don't need a doctor for. ;-)
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When I realized that my sickness was due to the amalgams it made me very angry.  I can't say that I wasn't aware of the problem because back in the 80's it came out on 60mins.  When I ask my dentist about this he thinks it is all nonsense.  Since I was not having a problem with my health at that time I chose to ignor it.  Then all of a sudden my body gets more mercury than it can handle and I find out what being sick really means.  The doctors and dentist have been trained to tell you this mercury in your mouth is OK.  Things are changing now and eventually everyone will know what they have done to us.  Probably make the lawyers happy but money cannot replace what these people have taken from us.  If you believe in a God someday they will have to answer for what they have done to humanity.  It is all about the money with them and I can't believe they do not know exactly what is going on.  

Your thoughts on diet are the same as mine.  Eating raw foods is what we were designed to eat.  Getting these nutrients allows the body to heal itself.  Another book which explains this is "The Makers DIet" which was written by a person who cured himself of Crohns disease through his diet.  The Paleo Diet which is basicly eating fruits and vegetables has shown good results in treating all these neurological diseases but many would rather go to the doctor and get a pill so they can continue doing what they have been doing.  I am reminded of the saying if you keep doing what you always did you will keep getting what you always got.  Just take a few Tylenol for the pain and you will be OK until the Tylenol distroys your liver.  You might want to take a look at sprouting.  Sprouts are loaded with the natural enzymes your body needs.  I have been using sprouts on my salads.  You might want to look at juicing which gives your body more of the vitamins and minerals than you can get with just eating the friuts and vegetables.  It seperates the vitamins and minerals from the fiber and allows your body to absorp more of the nutrients in a more concentrated form.  I do juicing along with fasting two days a week.  It allows my digestive system to relax because it doesn't have to spend any energy digesting the food and can concentrate on other things like detoxification and healing the body.  Hippocrates the father of western medicine declared fasting as the greatest remedy and the physician from within.  Fasting allows the body to heal itself and healing must come from within.  The doctors can't heal us of these neurological problems.  All they will do is give us drugs and these drugs are posion and your body will have to get rid of them.  Giving your body more posion is not the road to good health.  Glad you have found what works for you.  
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