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Autoimmune of what? Lupus..nope ana negative....

I don't understand anymore when I feel like crap all the time, fluish, achy, pain in hands and feet, red rash on face and tops of fingers, water retention, cold, achilles tendonitis, oral lichen planus, hasmimotos. Feet turn a bluish color if on them to long or in really hot water.

I am on 30mg of Armour..leveling me up to 60mg caused my antibodies to go higher and I went hyper. I was so sick, my heart is still having issues. I am retaining water, there was mention of a nodule on my thyroid.

I finally got to see a rheumatologist...he said I had a connective-tissue disease...obvious autoimmune disease but he didn't know what, ALL of the ANA, anit-dna, ssa, ssb, etc were negative or normal levels.

I have:
Oral Lichen Planus
Alopecia Aerata
spinal stenosis
degenerative disc disease
titanium plate, spacer, screws in cervical spine
Gluten severe sensitive---I can't have the biopsy of the small intestine to determine Celiac..my body won't take it.
suspected peripheral neuropathy.

Last week, the rheum threw at me bradycardia(sp), low blood pressure and autonomic dysfunction..goodie!

I am gluten free, as near to soy free as possible and low dairy.  

I do have lab history of low white blood count, high monocytes, low neutrophils, low granulocytes...sigh
March of this year
Neutrophils Fr Bld Auto              39.10 %   L           42.2-75.2
Neutrophils # Bld Auto            1.990 x10E3/uL   1.4-6.5
Monocytes Fr Bld Auto              12.20 %    H           2.0-10.0
CRP SerPl-mCnc                       .010 mg/dL L        0.05-0.20
Alb/Glob SerPl-mRto            2.10 Ratio F        0.9-2.1

Last week's labs
WBC                                            4.3 L                       5-11
Monocytes                                   8.9 H                      1-6
Granulocytes #                            2.2 L                       2.5-7.5
Globulin                                       2.1 L                       2.5-4.5
A/G ration                                    2.0  flg                    .8-2.0

I would love some insight from anyone who has/is dealing with the same issues, any thoughts of what to suggest to the dr. It's getting so hard to hear, well we can tell something is happening but we don't know what..if your ANA was positive it would be lupus, if your ssb/a was positive it would be sjogren's....blah blah blah

I'm tired ya'll, I'm just so fed up and I start wondering what is the point of all of this...life, cars, houses, stuff...sigh
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