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Chronic Hives, Unilateral Hearing Loss, Kidney Pain & Recent Blood Tests

Hey there,

Over the past 6 months I've continually had chronic hives. My allergist has sent off my blood for genetic testing and we are waiting to hear back. The initial blood test showed that my calcium levels were high.

About a month ago I wound up in the hospital with a kidney infection and was treated.

Last week I saw a Rheumatologist who ordered some blood tests and was flagged for hemoglobin. I had a 16.1 and their cutoff is 16. A few other things that stuck out to me were my albumin (I had a 5.0 and their range goes up to 5), my calcium was at a 10.6 (their range goes up to 10.6) my vitamin d seems low - i had a 23 (their range is 20-120), my IG% was 0.3, my basophil # was 0.01 and my eosinophil # was 0.11.

Yesterday I developed kidney pain again and it worsened today. I took myself to an urgent care and my urine came back normal so they sent me home.

Should I be concerned? My rheumatologist thinks it could be autoimmune related, endocrine, or bone marrow. My follow up appointment is next week to discuss the blood results and where to go from here but the kidney pain is pretty bad.
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