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Differing ANA results; RNP high; No symptoms; ITP (mild)

Hi All,

Thank you for reading. I could really use some insight and advice. My husband has seen a hematologist, immunologist, and gastroenterologist. I think we have more questions than answers. This started back in November 2016 when he went to the hospital for chest pain. It turned out to be his gallbladder and his heart was in good health. However, when the gastroenterologist ran a CBC a few times, he noticed that my husband has mild low platelets (now 96k).

The hematologist has been monitoring him since, but requires no treatment. All other blood work came back normal except for IgE which was high (116). We went to go see an immunologist and she re-ran anti-M2 antibody and ANA with reflex. The M2 antibody tested positive in November 2016, but has been negative in March and now July, 2017.

However, now he is ANA-Direct positive. Note: in November 2016 this was negative. The only specific ANA-related antibodies to test high was RNP (>8 when the normal range is 0.0-0.9). However, Matt has no symptoms of Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder or even ITP (thank God). No rash, no joint pain, no unusual fatigue, no petechiae, no bleeding.

The doctor that ordered the test is out of town. What do we do? Does he have to go see a rheumatologist? Could the ANA and RNP go back to negative like the M2 antibody did? Do these results really mean anything without symptoms?

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I have four autoimmune diseases actually.  One of them is Hashimoto's thyroiditis. One of my antibodies - thyroglobulin antibody - has been elevated and also back in the normal range.  My last test showed this antibody was elevated again.  I am stressed atm which is not so good for the immune system!

AMA M2 antibody is associated with primary bilary cirrhosis (PBC) and autoimmune hepatitis (AIH). And you can even have both - AIH/PBC overlap syndrome. There may even be no notable symptoms with these autoimmune diseases. I did read a study where 24% with PBC had positive RNP antibodies.
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