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Dr. Nicolsons Forum?

How do you post questions there?  I'm not awake yet this morning but wanted to ask a question but can't seem to find the "ask the question" or "post a question" button lol so I'll do it here in hopes that he'll see it sometime.

Do you believe there to be a link between leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disease?  if so HOW do you heal leaky gut?

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Simply fasting for three or four days will help heal the gut. vitamin B5, glutamine, and zinc are important for healing. Some have had good results eating oats. Slippery elm helps soothe an inflamed gastrointestinal tract.

Have you read  Enzymes for Digestive Health and Nutritional Wealth  by Karen DeFelice?
Great Book!
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Hi ! Here is the link to Prof. Nicolson's forum:


Increased D-Lactic Acid Instestinal Bacteria in Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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He only answers questions on a part time basis so for some reason they take away the post a question when he is not available.  Doesn't make a lot of sense to me as how the heck are we to know.  I've wanted to post as well and am unable.
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Thanks Trudie.  I thought maybe that was it.  i don't understand either but I do know from moderating several boards in yahoo that sometimes the messages can be overwhelming and if they left it on all the time..when he does come around..he may never get to all of them lol.

Enzymelover..ok so why do we need the enzymes in the first place? is my first question...and I think I have that answer...we need it because we are eating TOO much COOKED food where we destroy the enzymes.  So as I am making changes to an 80% raw diet, i don't think I need the enzymes unless I am eating cooked food ( and then I do have an enzyme I take for that.)  

IF my gastro. tract is inflamed I don't know it.  Leaky gut has been suggested through many sources as a CAUSE for autoimmune disease ( three doctors) and the lastest being in The China Study and Fasting and Eating for Health by Furhman. BUT what I don't think these two authors figured into their data and all of the case studies and research they have documented SO WELL in these two books is the SOURCE of the animal protein they say causes leaky gut.  MEANING I would bet that 100% of the tests and research was done on "regular" beef and animal products...NOT ORGANIC.  So then one is left with the question...does animal protein really cause the mucosal layer to break down when the animal protein is from organic sources?  Just some questions I have.

What are your thoughts?


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Hi Amy. That's an interesting idea. Are you suggesting that it's hormones, chemicals etc. found in non-organic animal products that could be the actual cause of a leaky gut?

My reading suggests many causes for leaky gut, including bacteria and yeast (which also create toxins), other pathogens, an overactive immune system, gut dysbiosis, preservatives and artificial food additives, overprocessed foods, and medications, any of which could cause inflammation. Oh, and zinc deficiency.  I don't think animal protein by itself would necessarily cause leaky gut, but I can see how eating organic animal protein would reduce the number of possible causes. Many people eat processed animal products and never develope leaky gut. It's more likely, I think, a combination of factors that causes it. I believe it was soy that caused my son's gut damage, perhaps combined with infant vaccines. We weren't eating any animal protein at the time.

Protease enzymes can reduce inflammation in the gut directly. Taking proteases between meals will reduce inflammation. Bromelain and papain are especially effective with this. I recently had to give my son's rabbit papaya enzymes to see him through an intestinal crisis (possibly a hairball, not sure). It worked. He now gets an enzyme tablet every day. Interestingly, it was the veterinarian who suggested giving the enzymes. When was the last time you heard a regular doctor suggest a natural food product, for healing? ( I think some are saying eat yogurt now, so I guess that counts).

I think you're right. We should all be eating lots of raw, organic foods to get the health benefits of the enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed by cooking and processing.  I think it's the way our bodies are designed to work. Just look at Jack LaLanne!
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Yeah I'm not sure what is going on with that. I do know that Nicolson was scheduled to answer questions for 3 days in MedHelp, but he stayed longer. And for some reason, some of his responses are crossing over into THIS forum and I don't think they should be (that is probably why MedHelp could be deleting them).

So any questions you ask Prof. Nicolson... be sure to do it in the autoimmune diseases expert forum. I know MedHelp did not delete the questions that were posted between his last session (3 months ago) and this recent session.
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I had previously notified the MH Community manager about the crossover postings so they are figuring that one out.  I did post a question about the autoimmune expert forum on the suggestion forum.  Do take a look at the response.  They do only want to have questions when he tells them he has time for it.  I requested that they put some kind of notification to that effect so that those who need his assistance will know.
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Your request certainly makes sense to me.
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I agree it has to be a combination in 99.9% of the people.
But I think there is something to be said for organic foods vs. conventional foods and I would venture to say that MOST ALL studies done are with 'conventional" food...so who's to say what happens in a body on all organic foods..whole..fresh..raw?? I already have done some of this research through Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D., David Wolfe, Dr. xaM nosreG, and others...the 80% organic raw diet is helping many reverse their diseases.  That's what I'm after.
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