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Hi....I'm new here. I have some questions that I really would like some feedback on.  I'll start with my background.  I've have a history of depression and anxiety.  4 years ago, a doctor tested me for Hashi's antibodies and it came back positive; however, I wasn't experiencing any "thyroid" symptoms (besides the emotional issues), so she said to just see what happened in the future. Even though I had the antibodies, my TSH and T4/T3 were all within range.  Over the past two years, I've become symptomatic (lethargy, anxiety, depression, tired, weight gain/loss, no sex drive, loss of memory, extreme extended menses, irritability, headache, brain fog, etc.).  I went to the gyno for the heavy periods, and she sent me for an ultrasound of my thyroid.  She said that she felt goiter.  The ultrasound revealed gointer and nodule.  She then sent me to an endo.  Endo did an RAU iodine test.  The test came back hot all over.  She told me that I had Graves.....based on those results and the goiter.  Then she looked at my TSH and T4/T3 (both of which were normal).  I explained about the previous Hashi's diagnosis (because, honestly.....it had slipped my mind).  So she sent me out or more labs.  The results came back as follows:

TSH            1.4
FREE T4    1.0
FREE T3     2.79

ANTI-TPO   115.8 VH
Thyroglobulin  >3000

So....I'm concerned with these results.  My interpretation is that the thyroid levels are "normal", right; however, the antibody levels are high.  Add to this the goiter, nodule, and hot (overall the entire thyroid) Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test, and I think I have some real issues.  Does anyone have any advice on what my options are, and what I should be doing.  I'm not sure the endo wants to do anything right now, since the thyroid levels are "normal".  I believe she wants to wait until the levels are abnormal, and then treat.  I think this is strange, because I feel like crap now and don't understand why we have to wait until I feel even worse before we do something about it.  Can I do anything for the autoimmune disorders??????  ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I think that's old-fashioned advice she is giving you.  In patient after patient with normal levels but thyroid symptoms, treating the thyroid condition improves the symptoms.  Don't let this doc ignore you.  
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Thank you!
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