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I am worried I have got problems with my immune system. I have a lot of symptoms which I have listed below.

Constant runny/blocked nose
Sore throat
Dry skin
Puffy eyes
Puffy feet
Muscle cramps
Muscle twitches
Dry and gritty eyes
Hair thinning at ends
Hoarse voice
Memory loss
Smooth and glossy tongue
Cracked corners of mouth
Sore tongue
Slow heart rate

I have already tested positive for anti nuclear antibodies but no idea why I have them.

Test 1

Test 2

I am also deficient in folate and vitamin D. No idea what to do about symptoms. If anyone could advise I would appreciate it.
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Please post your test results including lab reference ranges and units of measure.
Without this info they are not as helpful.
These tests are usually ordered to diagnose autoimmune hepatitis.
If your folate & vitamin D deficiencies do not get corrected soon,  improvement will likely very sluggish, at best, regardless of any attempted treatment.
Folate deficiency is treated with supplemental oral folate of 400 to 1000 μg per day and vitamin D with supplemental oral D3 of 5000 IU daily.
If you consume alcohol, it would be a good time to eliminate it completely as it rmay reduce further your folate and contribute greatly to any liver issues, should you indeed get a autoimmune hepatitis.
You should be tested as well for hypothyroidism including  Hashimoto's thyroditis
Also iodine deficiency (commonly associated with hypothyroidism) should be ruled out.
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test for Hemochromatosis {Ferritin, TIBC, transferrin} DNA jtest as it could be inherited this excess iron in blood that is associated with many diseases and inflamatory conditions of the body  
test for I
RBC Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine also should be done and if you have been around animals Toxoplasmosis research all of this on internet
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