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recovery time Vitamin D deficiency

I am suffering from pains and aches all over my body. Specifically my hips knees and feet . It started suddenly and gradually progressed.
I have gone through all blood tests everything normal except very low vitamin d (<15 nmol /l).
This was last sept and I am on vitamin d supplement since then. I retested my blood and vitamin d is 123 nmo/l this time doctor checked my ESR and its very high 85

On top of that i bone scan revealed Osteopencia.

In spite of my normal serum vitamin level i have little improvement of my symtopms.

Doctor think the underlying issue could be some kind of reactive arthritis?

Could my issue only attribute to vitamin D and osteomalacia. If so how long it takes symptoms to improve even after vitamin d level comes i normal range?

Btw I am male 33yrs , was healthy before this and I was doing very hard Gym to practise for a everest base camp trek when this whole issue happened.
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Thanks Niko this was very helpful. Yesterday i had an appointment with my Rheumy . As per current blood test HLA B27 positive ESR 62 and CRP 21.
She diagnosed me with Ankylosing  Spondylitis. :(
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Hey amit.
Welcome to the forum.
You may have to take an extended break from your training.
Vitamin D3 supplementation is important, but will not correct
all your issues, just because your serum D levels are restored.
There's more to this situation of yours.. Your osteopenia and osteomalacia may have to do  with calcium deficiency caused by higher lactic acid levels and acid levels in general.
Proper recovery time from training, optimized breathing -visit the normal breathing website as fatigue, inflammation,pain and ANY disease may cause serious abnormal breathing in addition to incorrect breathing patterns from before ,GROSSLY overlooked key function for good health!-,
attention to nutrition such as low carb -yes I know that carb loading
is still acceptable in  endurance type of training, but not without consequences!- respecting calcium/magnesium ratios -have a complete minerals TISSUE analysis-, alkaline diet- check your urine and saliva PH levels- also have a urine test for tartaric acid.
From my reply to a similar question in the past regarding BMD:
"BMD ( bone mineral density) may be easy to measure, but it is not particularly predictive of fractures,inflammation and other problems, which is the outcome most patients care about.
One overlooked and equally important  ( even perhaps of greater importance ) factor is bone flexibility. Collagen levels, B- vitamins, vitamin D-as already been referred to-, vitamin K2  along with osteocalcin status make up the collagen matrix that supports the mineral composition.

So do not be overly concerned with the BMD level. This is just one out of many parameters regarding bone health.
Should it become a serious issue in the future, ask your specialist about Strontium ranelate. Standard remedy for such issues in Europe.
(Not Strontium citrate, as it inferior)
  Strontium ranelate (SR), and has been shown to prevent and to reverse osteoporosis. . "
So please look into all of the above to see if you can connect the dots.
You doctors won't do this for you.
Let me know how this works out and meanwhile if you need more info
post again or pm me.
take care.
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