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Upper back, right shoulder pain

Hi. I'm 27 years old. I found a breast lump in early July and biopsy revealed a benign mass in early September. My mom died of breast  cancer at 44.  Since finding the lump, I've been suffering from some intermittent sharp pain in my right shoulder area. It started off dull and not very frequent. Now it's more frequent although I don't know that I can classify it as "severe". The painful areas hurt to touch. I have tender, painful areas in my right shoulder and a few spots on my left side too. I'm worried about bone cancer/bone mets... or even lung mets. I know that my doctor seems to think I don't have breast cancer but these symptoms don't make sense. Everything I look up says some pretty serious stuff. I've been under so much stress since July. Could chronic pain like this be stress related? It's just scaring me because I'm trying to celebrate my benign breast results and now I feel like I'm doing worse than before. Please help me. How freaked out should I be? Thank you.
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Stress does cause chronic pain. It can make you feel all kinds of things. If you are questioning the pain you are feeling perhaps you should get a second opinion. There is nothing wrong with that, especially with your history. If you do and the reaults are the same then speak to a doctor about other reasonings for the pain. Possibly even therapy...

Good Lick to you :D
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