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What stretches have you tried to alleviate your torticollis?

Once you have been diagnosed with torticollis, there are some home remedies that may help relieve symptoms.Lay on your back. Symptoms often disappear during sleep, so taking a break to lie on your back may provide relief.Touch the opposite side of the face, chin, or neck. This tricks your body and may help spasms stop temporarily.Apply heat. Heat packs or hot water bottles applied to the neck may help loosen tight muscles.Stress-reduction techniques: Know what causes you stress or anxiety because this can lead to tension and worsening of symptoms.For infants, passive stretching (stretches done with the assistance of a parent or caregiver) may be performed. In older babies, facilitating active movement may be helpful, for example, using sights or sounds to get a child to turn their head in a certain direction. A physical therapist will recommend stretches and other exercises and show you how to do them properly.Physical therapy exercises for adults with torticollis may include graded (step by step) neck exercises. You may first start by gradually moving your head a little further in each direction each time. Then, try to keep your head in the final position for longer periods. If you cannot perform these exercises on your own, you may have another person assist you with gentle passive movements. Do your exercises several times a day, in front of a mirror when possible to see if you have been able to move your head farther. Consult a physiatrist or physical therapist first for instructions on how to do movements and exercises correctly.
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I have had spasmodic torticollis for over 5 years. A physical therapist has me doing certain neck, shoulder, and arm stretching movements which do help and I have had Botox injections for about 2 years which help some. I walk a few blocks every day and that also helps. The chiropractor is also good (every week or less). Green Earth Naturals for deep green algae for the rich nutrients are very helpful.
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My chiropractor and I agree I should try Botox for my torticollis but my family doctor has never heard of this treatment. I'm 71 and my doctor is older than I am. He won't consider a referral to a neurologist. Where I live you are lucky to have a doctor so I don't insist. I use heat a lot. The touching of opposite side to short circuit brain is effective for a few seconds. Anti-depressants help me cope and I have many other medical problems. No fun. I hope everyone finds the right treatment for them. My condition came on slowly over several years and pain only started a year ago.
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I have had torticollis for 20 years. I was treated by a neurologist with phenol injections. It helped so much I had a normal life. Botox doesn't work for me. No medications, just the injections every 6 months. Need to find another doctor who gives phenol. My previous neurologist has retired! Hope you all get relief from this painful debilitating disease!
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