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cronic back pain

my doctor has suggested that i have shots in my back to numb the nerves. Has anyone else had this procedure?
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I believe your doctor is recommending epidural steroid injections.  These injections are done when prior conservative treatment has failed to produce significant relief of pain.
They are given under fluoroscopy (radiologic magnification to be sure the needle is postioned properly).  The anesthetic is accompanied by a steroid medication with the expectation of providing longer pain relief.  They can be given in a series of three injections over a period of several weeks before effective pain control is achieved.
Most individuals tolerate the injection procedure well with minimal complications.  A lot depends on prior treatment received, proper identification of the affected area, and how long the chronic pain has existed.  Hopefully you will obtain a good outcome.
Post with an update and any additional questions/concerns you may have.
Best wishes ----
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Thank you for answering my question. I have had the epidural steroid injection only once and that did not work. So now the doctor wants so numb the nerves by carterizing the never endings. But first they inject a temporary numbing shot to see if it works and I am just wondering if anyone else had this type of procedure done.
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I wasn't sure which injections your doctor was recommending.  These injections are referred to as radiofrequency ablation or neurotomy.  This is a more intensive approach to provide extended pain relief by creating a barrier on the nerve tissue and interrupting pain signals to the brain.  It could provide for full elimination of pain for as long as nine months or even longer.  Individual outcomes can be variable depending on how many nerve fibers are involved.
The injections of this nature are most effective if the facet and sacroiliac joints are the pain generators.  Testing for pain control with a temporary anesthetic injection is done to assure that the area injected is the pain generator.
I would recommend you post a new question with the specific type of injection being recommended so that other community members have a clear understanding of the treatment being recommended.  I don't have any personal experiences with receiving these injections, but have observed good responses from patients during my RN career.
Hopefully you will get additional information from others who have had these injections.

Are they scheduled at this time?
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hi, I just found this site, also looking for info.
I too have been booked to have my spinal nerves frozen.
the dr. explained to me this was a temporay measure just to see if 'cortisone' shots would be of any benefit. he told me the nerve freezing would only last abt an hour than I would be given a pain chart to chart my pain level for apprx a month and that would tell him if the cortisone would be of any benefit????
I suffer from neurpathic pain from degenerative disk disease, OA and fibromyalgia.
last month I had cortisone in both hips for the OA and it was painless and abt 75% effrective (for now)...
after reading alot more from the web abt these spinal injections I've decided I will cancel this upcoming appt. at least until I have found out more. I did read there can be alot of referred pain following also other compilcations......I do not NEED more problems.
I am currently taking gabapenin for the nerve pain as well as oxycontin.
So can't give u much info except for the fact that I also am looking for more answers.
read the post from kittyluv1 and it was very informative.....(r u also a cat lover?)
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Yes, indeed!  My furry domestic animal has me wrapped around her paw!  I rescued her from the alley behind my home and the past six years have encouraged her to play Queen ---
As for the spinal injections your doctor recommended regarding "freezing" the nerves for about an hour -- where did he say he was going to give them?  The premise is that if the temporary injections provide immediate pain relief, that area can be confirmed as the pain generator.  It is a very good diagnostic tool to determine the primary source of pain symptoms.
Did he give you a specific name for the injections he is planning to give?  I ask for a definite name as there are varied types of injections given and there are subtle differences regarding how and where they are injected.   With a specific injection name it would be easier to point you to more definitive sources to learn more about the potential outcomes (including possible complications).  Perhaps you can contact his office and get more detailed information.
It sounds like you are coping with some rather complex issues related to your osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.  You would benefit from spinal injections only if the temporary freezing shows pain relief.
Keep us informed ---
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hi again...I just phoned my doctors clinic and they gave me this web site that better explains the 'nerve freezing' or 'blocking technique'
If this is the same as your doctor has referred you too.
go to the website...www.spine-health.com
than in the search box type in MEDIAL BRANCH BLOCK
they show a video of the proceedure and explain it more, I cancelled my apt. for now, said I wanted to do more searching and the recptionist sent me this web site
good luck

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hi again kittyluv...I too am a cat fan, have only two very pampered babies at this time, but have had as many as 4 at one time, love them all especially my opus who I had to put down at 17 yrs of age, they r all himmies.
I want to give you a big thankyou!!
I'm new here but have been reading back through many of the posts and I appreciate all your input, its so good for me( and I imagine everyone feels the same) to get such knowlegable (?sp) advice....we r all lost with this medical jargon and symptoms and treatments, u sure provide  us with most valuable info...a big thank you for all your time to do this!
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